Bukola Kiitan, Nollywood actress debuts bikini photos days after Muslim fasting ended

Bukola Kiitan, Nollywood actress debuts bikini photos days after Muslim fasting ended

Bukola Kiitan has defended herself after she was called out for uploading a photo of her wearing a bikini by the poolside.


On Thursday morning, May 13, a day when Muslims celebrated Eid Mubarak, the actress shared a controversial photo on her Instagram page. She wore a black bikini flaunting excessive skin, raising eyebrows due to the content of the photo.


The actress insinuated that she can resume her regular activities since the fasting exercise has ended worldwide.


Her caption reads; Shebi fasting has finish LOL. Good night lovers”


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Check out the pictures below.


Kiitan’s photos drew negative comments as several of her fans were infuriated at the picture that she shared.


Several commenters saw the content as unnecessary, disrespectful and hypocritical as she has also recently finished fasting.


Despite the negative comments, Bukola Kiitan took to her Instagram platform during the early hours of Friday, May 14 to respond to her critics.


In her post, the actress stated that she could care less what people think. She maintained her heart is what matters and not necessarily her outward appearance.



Here is what she said;

“No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.
The dressing has nothing to do with inner motive nor your personality.
I wear what am comfortable in, go to anywhere that gives me peace, do what makes me happy, in the end, it’s about my own peace of mind.

If I die today in hours ya all will just cry and move on, pleasing people won’t still please them, YOLO 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃…

Care too much about what people will say and watch yourself stagnant …


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