Burna Boy insists no one paved way for him in music industry

Burna Boy insists no one paved way for him in music industry


Burna Boy has reiterated his statement that nobody in the Nigerian music industry paved the way for him.


Indeed, his recent outburst comes several days after he controversially declared on social media; that no one can claim to be responsible for the success he now enjoys. The 28-year-old Grammy nominee asserted that he is carving out his own destiny and no one designed it for him.


Burna who emerged into the mainstream music scene in 2012 with two classics, ‘Tonight’ and ‘Like to Party’; stated that he differs from his contemporaries. Further, he went ahead to mention that he has refused to falsify humility because of what others might think about him.


Taking to the microblogging site, Twitter on Saturday evening; Burna admonished his fans to ignore ‘spineless olodos’ who think his music was meaningless until his sudden combustion in 2018 with ‘Ye’.


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Here is what Burna published on Twitter.


If you know you danced or sang along to any Burna Boy song. Or you was at any of my Shows turning up anytime from 2012-2018 and you are following these Spineless Olodo’s to say I’ve only been here 2years or your following them to rejoice and wish me bad’



However, Burna did not stop there; he went ahead to talk about the Coachella font size incident from 2019. This would instigate the album title, ‘African Giant’.


He continued, ‘Remember I Told you I was the African Giant and most of you laughed and said I should be grateful for small fonts. I pray that you learn from me. I mean this in no bragging way and the Wise know that the Future of Africa depends on the kind of strength and resilience I Show.’


Indeed, Burna Boy went on to use some invective and choice words in his Twitter rant.


Continue reading what he wrote below.


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