Business owners, please fear God or close your business – Ella Temisan

Business owners, please fear God or close your business – Ella Temisan



If you want to run a business, please try and know what you are running. If you want to deal in electronics; educate yourself on the basics. If you want to run a fashion house, the least you can do is learn how to sew clothes. If you want to own a salon, please for the love of the Almighty, learn hairdressing. Please! Don’t be using people’s hard-won hair for trial by error.



Think of somebody like me that has gone through the ups and downs of growing natural hair. I can’t afford to lose all my progress after thirty minutes of sitting down on a stylist’s chair because they opened a hair salon on vibes only. Something as delicate as hair? Haba! It should be a crime to open a hair salon without a license naw.



I just wanted to loosen my weave, wash my hair and braid it after. Natural hair can be hard to maintain if you’re not gifted in that area. I am not gifted in the hair department. I don’t even like stress with my hair. I am only carrying my natural hair because I think it sheds less than permed hair. And my hair is soft. Asides from this, I don’t like stress at all!


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So why did this woman start to pull at my hair strands like they were in a tug of war? After I endured that battle, why did she use less than a bucket of water to wash my hair? The hair didn’t even come out clean. How could it have? When she used a teaspoon of shampoo and conditioner and half a bucket of water to mess my hair up? I came out of the washing chair angrily and pained. I didn’t agree to pay N6,000 for my hair to suffer that kind of injustice. Haba!



We had to wash my hair twice because it was dirty after the first wash. When it was time to dry my hair, she burnt the left portion of my hair with her hand dryer. I didn’t know when I packed my things to leave the salon in annoyance. I was smelling like a burnt goat! How can I come for some TLC and leave with headache and bitterness? How?



Please and please, nobody should open a salon if they can’t make hair. Buhari is president. We can’t be suffering big things; and also be suffering small things too. Thank you for your attention. I have a full head of hair to repair. I’ll talk to you later.




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