Cameroon Elections: Early Counting Shows President Biya Likely to Return For a Seventh Term

Cameroon Elections: Early Counting Shows President Biya Likely to Return For a Seventh Term


Cameroon closed polls for their election on Sunday evening with early counting showing signs six-term president, Paul Biya may yet win and return for his seventh term.

Pockets of violence and threats from Anglophone separatist did not prevent voting in other parts while the Anglophone regions were inevitably unable to cast their ballots. Voting ended 7:00 GMT

Paul Biya, Africa’s oldest leader, and president since 1982 claimed the voting was ‘peaceful’ across the country with more than 20 million people.


‘I am satisfied after performing my civic duty and particularly satisfied that the election is taking place in calm and serenity and without fighting,’ Biya said after voting.

‘I hope that the calm will continue after results are proclaimed,’ he said.


The weak coalition by the opposition was unable to put up a strong challenge against the 85yeear-old.

Main opposition Social Democratic Front party candidate Joshua Osih voted in the country’s economic capital, Douala, and called for transparency in the vote count.


‘My wish is that the results of the ballot should not be tampered with. That transparency should be the watchword and that the choice made by the Cameroonian people be respected,’ he said.

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Elsewhere, the military killed two armed men in the English-speaking northwest town of Bamenda, according to Governor Deben Tchoffo of the Northwest region.


‘We shall not allow terrorists to disrupt the election,’ he said. ‘I salute the maturity of people who are braving the threats and carrying out their civic duties. We are informed that armed men are shooting indiscriminately to frighten voters, we shall not allow such a thing to happen.’


Gunfighting between the military and separatists began on Saturday in at least six towns and villages including Nkambe, Mamfe, and Kumbo.


Several buildings were razed, including residences where voting materials were thought to have been stored.


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