Can Afropolitan Vibes get any better? – Jite Efemuaye

Can Afropolitan Vibes get any better? – Jite Efemuaye

Every time I go for Afropolitan Vibes I come away feeling like ‘it can’t get better than this’. I rhapsodise and bore everyone around me with how amazing whichever guest artiste that came was and how it’s the best show I’ve attended and Ade Bantu is a genius and the Agbero Crew are so talented and I’m going for the next show just for the atmosphere and because my friends will be there and not because I have any expectations because nothing can beat what I just experienced. Phew. I’m usually out of breath by the time I’m done.

Then something happens at the next show.

Beautiful Nubia of whom I wrote “Beautiful Nubia is a dream. And you do not have to be asleep to experience him; whether he is strumming his guitar, beating a drum or slow dancing with a star-struck fan on stage.” He happens.

Beautiful Nubia at Afropolitan Vibes
Beautiful Nubia is everything. Everything.

Chidimma does something with her voice that breaks the windscreen of every car for miles around.

Jesse Jagz gives a live performance that makes me an automatic fan.

MI performs Anoti and takes me back to my days as an undergraduate falling in love with his music for the first time.

MI is bae. Short black boy with too much swag.

Sunny Neji reminds me why I have a thing for old ‘baby boys’ that can take it slow. I’m talking about music. Focus.

Timi Dakolo is standing in the audience, I’m looking around and my eyes catch his and he winks and smiles at me, almost giving me a heart attack and makes me do that excited clap and jump thing that teenage girls do while proclaiming ‘Timi Dakolo smiled at me’ to my friend in what I remember as an embarrassingly high pitched schoolgirl voice. Then he goes on stage and performs Great Nation and I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

This man’s voice vibrates with energy

Just when you think there’s nothing else, the organizers dip their hands in a magical hat and boom! Burna Boy, Adekunle Gold and the exquisite Yinka Davies will be performing at the October edition of Afropolitan Vibes. Plus there will be tribute performances dedicated to the greatest Fela Anikulakpo Kuti.

Burna Boy !!! Kee me now.

If you like good music: live music, none of that ‘dj switch track two’ you get at most concerts; dancing; a great crowd and lively atmosphere; good food and drinks: come early and carry enough money if you want to partake of this (or better still eat belleful before you leave your house); palmwine: if you’re not like me and can drink palmy no matter the condition it’s in; then you shouldn’t miss the 30th edition of Afropolitan Vibes on Friday, October 16th, 2015. Don’t check calendar, it’s tomorrow.

The concert is free (I still don’t understand why) but a N500 (chicken change) Freedom Park Entry Fee applies.

See you there!



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