Cardi B in Ghana: The underwhelming first impression

Cardi B in Ghana: The underwhelming first impression


24 hours after Cardi B concluded her live performance in Lagos, Nigeria, her next stop was Ghana. However, the concert failed to go as expected as Cardi’s world collided with that of Ghanaian celebrities.


She failed to attend the scheduled conference with the Ghanaian celebrities. The 26-year-old American rapper reportedly stayed back in her hotel for 7 hours, while the Ghanaian stars awaited her arrival.


Due to her absence, Ghanaian stars took to various social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter to call out the award-winning rapper. The bleak situation will cause a rift online.


In fact, it will affect her performance later on Sunday evening.


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The rapper took to her Instagram live were she clarified the air about what really happened.


According to her, she had a running stomach which prevented her from showing up at the meet and greet with some Ghanaian celebrities.


“My stomach is messed up. Bitch, I have some m**derf**ker diarrhoea.

Don’t know what the f**k I ate, what I drank, my stomach is messed up.

Y’all thought I was f**king cancelling people?

I don’t do that life.

Ghanaians were for coming for me saying I was lying and all that shit, saying I was trying to act Hollywood. No bitch my stomach fucked up! I know i don’t play that shit. Now let me finish taking this shit…they said I was lying! My stomach is really messed up… I respect people, my stomach was messed up…I’ll talk to you guys later, bye,” she said.


Watch the video below.



Ghanaians stone Cardi B during her performance

Several hours after Cardi allegedly snubbed the Ghanaian celebrities, most people on social media got really pissed with her with some even threatening to boycott the show just because she had disrespected top and respected celebrities in Ghana.

Further, it seems some fans who still couldn’t come in terms with the snub decided to show that by throwing bottles onto the stage during the concert.

The bottle-throwing didn’t hinder the rapper and other artiste billed to perform from performing as they all did what they do best to move the crowd.


Equally important, Cardi B has officially apologized to the Ghanaian celebrities.



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