Catch Desperate Housewives on Sabinews every Friday

Catch Desperate Housewives on Sabinews every Friday

Do you love watching Desperate Housewives? Well, then, this is for you!

Beginning Friday July 3, 2015, will bring you a weekly review of Desperate Housewives Africa.

Joy Ehonwa, scriptwriter, inspirational writer and kick ass columnist will be reviewing the break-out show. Log on every Friday to read about the good, the bad and the ugly from Hibiscus lane.

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When Desperate Housewives ran years ago, I fell head over heels in love with the few episodes I saw. So when the news about Desperate Housewives Africa first broke, I knew I would either hate the show completely, or love it totally. And boy, do I love it! See the stand out moments here

While many are upset about how true to the original script it stays, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This was exactly what I expected, and I appreciate the creative adaptations that have been made to cater to an African audience. See Toni Kan’s review of the premiere episode here

What I find most endearing, however, is the cast. It’s so sweet the way Tari and Funke actually remind you of Susan and Lynette. Especially Tari; I just adore her, and her facial expressions.

Desperate Housewives Africa

Meet the housewives of Hibiscus Lane:

  1. Ese de Souza: Bree van de Kamp has got nothing on Ese, trust me. She’s just stiff enough, just caring enough, just classy enough, just repressed enough, just perfect enough to be Hibiscus Lane’s model wife, loyal friend, and nightmare of a wife and mother. Nini Wacera is a goddess; she slays in this role. Married to Kay de Souza (Nonso Odogwu), Ese manages to make a home so impeccably flawless it snuffs the joy out of him and her two children Leo and Katherine.
  2. Funke Lawal: Funke is intelligent, savvy and down-to-earth, qualities which the branding agency she left behind for full time home making, certainly misses. Omotu Bissong plays the African version of Lynette, complete with gentle, funny husband Shina (Ozzy Agu), cute baby girl and boisterous sons- especially the terrible twins whose mission in life, she thinks, is to frustrate her. Sometimes you want to help her take a cane to their behinds!
  3. Nkiru “Kiki” Obi: Actress Kiki has left the world of make believe for the life of a wealthy businessman’s housewife, but she finds herself with so much, and yet so little. The glamorous Gabrielle was probably the most adored housewife on Wisteria Lane, despite her vainness, self-centeredness and the thrill-seeking personality which lands her in an affair with a teenage boy. Kehinde Bankole puts her all into this role, supported by her cuckolded husband Chuka (Joseph Benjamin).
  4. Tari Gambadia: Casting director Pillay Quinty totally scored with this one. No one but Michelle Dede could have played this pretty, clumsy, endearing character so perfectly. Every time I see Tari on Hibiscus Lane I want to gobble her up, honestly. And her budding romance with Larry (Jason Nwoga) makes me so giddy with excitement my eyeballs are rolled back in my head right now; don’t ask me how I’m typing. Her marriage to Danladi Gambadia may have crashed, but it left her with a very precious gem: her 13-year-old daughter, Aisha. Like Susan Mayer’s Julie, Aisha is a smart, pretty teen whose wisdom- amazingly beyond her years sometimes- gets her mum out of many a sticky situation.
  5. Rhetta Moore: Twice divorced with a string of ex-lovers, Rhetta is the only housewife who is currently unmarried. For now, her main task here is to be Tari’s nemesis, but I’m pretty sure there’s more for her in the future. Linda Osifo does a good job; it’s probably time to take the “aspiring” out of her Twitter bio. I actually like Rhetta better than I did Edie, but she’s every bit as annoying. Even her sexiness is more threatening and for a moment there I was worried for Larry. Did I mention her excellent culinary skills? Ugh.
  6. Rume Bello: Our beloved all-seeing narrator, played by Marcy Dolapo Oni, opened the show with her suicide, as her American counterpart Mary Alice Young did. Through Rume’s eyes, we are taken on this exciting journey full of drama, comedy, intrigue, and love. She left behind her shady husband Deji (Femi Branch), and her nice but troubled son Akin (Samuel Robinson), both of whom drama continues to trail. Her true story remains a mystery, even more so in death.

Watch this space for reviews of each week’s episode, starting tomorrow!

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