Chinese nurses are shaving their heads to help fight coronavirus

Chinese nurses are shaving their heads to help fight coronavirus
Chinese nurses are shaving their heads to stop Coronavirus spread, proving they are true heroes.

The whole of China is engulfed with Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic; which has killed over 1000 people and affected over 43,000 in China itself; and several others across the globe. The disease has already crossed the death toll caused by SARS in 2002-2004.





Amidst this chaos, doctors and medical practitioners are the unsung heroes who despite the odds; are sacrificing not just their time, but also their lives; while treating patients affected with the novel coronavirus.


And now hero nurses of China have taken this sacrifice to a whole new level. Nurses in China are voluntarily shaving their heads to limit the risk of cross-contamination while combating the Wuhan Coronavirus.



Why are the Chinese nurses shaving their head?

While it is already established that the novel coronavirus spreads through human contact; it also spreads through the shedding of hair or natural hair fall. With the head being completely shaven; this drastically reduces the chances of the virus spreading through that channel.







Various nurses have shared their videos of shaving their head on Chinese social media platforms. Nurses have also revealed that while this limits transmission of coronavirus from one body to another; it also makes the process of changing and putting on hazmat suits a lot more convenient.



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The fight with the Wuhan Coronavirus hasn’t been easy for the doctors and medical practitioners, with many experiencing severe skin burn due to constant decontamination using bleach-based disinfectants as well as scars near nose and cheeks after constantly wearing tight face masks for hours.



With so many patients to look after, they don’t even have time to head to a washroom and rely on wearing diapers the whole day.


Many aren’t even getting proper sleep, with many doctors just crashing on chairs and tables, and immense stress of an ever-increasing number of cases that they’re experiencing daily.








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