Chinese regulators tell Tencent to get approval before app launch

Chinese regulators tell Tencent to get approval before app launch


Tech behemoth Tencent Holdings has been asked by the Chinese authorities to get approval from them for inspections before sending app updates, state broadcaster CCTV said.


According to reports, the company must submit any new apps or updates for inspection by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology before they can be uploaded or updated.


The move from the Chinese government comes after nine of the group’s apps were found to have committed “violations”; since the beginning of the year, prompting the need for “transitional administrative guidance measures”, CCTV quoted the government as saying.


“After passing inspection, they can then be launched to users as usual;” the ministry said, according to CCTV in a report Wednesday.

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Meanwhile, Tencent told AFP that it would comply with the requirements.


“We are continuously working to enhance user protection features within our apps, and also have regular co-operation with relevant government agencies to ensure regulatory compliance. Our apps remain functional and available for download,” it said.


Tencent’s most popular apps include the instant messengers Tencent QQ and WeChat, and one of the largest web portals,


It also has a majority stake in popular games like PUNBG and Clash of Clans.


Chinese regulators have in over the past year mounted a wide-ranging crackdown on its tech giants; seeking to dismantle some of the industry’s long-held practices after accusing them of monopolistic behaviour and infringing user rights.


This month, Tencent reported its slowest revenue growth since 2004.

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