Chinney Love blames loss on evil spirit

Chinney Love blames loss on evil spirit


Budding Nigerian moviemaker, Chinney Love has disclosed in a recent post that she needs the intervention of God after she was attacked by an evil spirit.


According to the moviemaker, the spirit of procrastination made her lose a huge amount of money.


According to the ‘Hire A Man’ producer, she is tired of the spirit overpowering her and therefore seeks deliverance in order to set herself free from its bondage.


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Chinneylove Eze is also the producer of Maduka Daughters, Sister’s Quest and a comedy film Okrika.


Equally important, she is inspired by producers like Emem Isong, Kunle Afolayan and Uche Nancy.


Chinney Love, who at 31 has produced over 30 movies and still counting. Here is what she wrote on Instagram.


“I Lose Myself From this Bondage! Since I was small this spirit doesn’t want to free me!

Last-minute Everything…..Lost a deal of 12k dollars last week because of my non-challancy!

Every time I will do it later….. If it’s not dying minute its not me!!! I tire for myself…. About to lose another big deal.

Laptop, working internet everything is in place, But then that spirit won’t let me be great!

I hereby publicly Denounce you! While I Fight you spiritually in secret! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH MY MONEY YEAR. AFRICA TYLER PERRY.”


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