Christmas is coming, are you ready?- Ella Temisan

Christmas is coming, are you ready?- Ella Temisan



My friend has been a resident in the United States for over five years. She started giving me a headache some days ago about how she wants to come to Lagos for Christmas.


She just kept screaming “Detty December! Detty December!” in my ears (or my eyes since we text most of the time).


According to her, this year is a good one to come for a visit. She says this because things are better for her now; as she can afford to travel back for the first time since she left. Her plan is to visit Lagos IJGB (I Just Got Back) style.


She’ll act like a tourist, visit the few picturesque spots we have; take plenty of pictures for the Gram, and then leave our wahala for us. I’ve told her to better sit down where she is. We’re not taking visitors yet.


It’s 2021. Lagos is not yet the mega-city we dream of. There are few improvements here and there though. Like the Sanwo-Olu BRT. If you’ve ridden in one of those blue buses, you’ll never want to enter another Danfo again. It is very comfortable.


Some of the major roads are being rehabilitated and new construction work is ongoing in some areas; like in Computer Village, Ikeja. We are not there yet but you can see changes. So, that’s a good thing.



It’s just that the good I am seeing is not the good I’d like to see.




Christmas is coming, are you ready?- Ella Temisan


My friend doesn’t know that we are all still afraid of rainfall. We don’t even call it showers of blessing anymore. She doesn’t know that in a week, NEPA gives us light for only two days. The other days are for the Minister of Petroleum because we must run a generator.

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Or neither does she know that rent is high and increasing every year. She also doesn’t know that Dominos has reduced the amount of pepperoni and sausage on their pizza. The economy has not been kind to the enjoyment industry. She just wants to come and spend dollars, snap fine pictures, and go back.


I can’t blame her at all. I’d do the same if I were in her shoes. But I am not. So, I must find a way to start preparing for this Christmas that is coming with Usain Bolt speed. It is good to start planning for Christmas now because; in my own case, I’d like to have some fun with family and friends. It’ll also be nice to engage in some outdoor activities and make new memories for 2022.


Because I have a feeling that 2022 will be very interesting.


Are you getting ready for Christmas? If not… think about it.


You might want to start planning now.

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