Cold without rain: What to do

Cold without rain: What to do



Cold without rain – Experts say colder weather can allow the flu virus to circulate more easily, but other factors are also to blame for the increase in influenza cases in the winter and fall.

“Under the right conditions, many viruses will last longer at colder temperatures.


“Temperature and humidity are an important part of the story but can’t explain everything,” “Human activity, our tendency to be closer together in the winter, may also play a role.”



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1. Eat small portion at a time to avoid constipation as digestion process will be slower.
2. Eat foods and fruits rich in fiber and drink a lot of water especially warm water.
3. Avoid anything cold, it may affect your immune  system and allows internal fats to congeal around your body internal organs.
4. If you have low hair cut please try to put on your cap, turban or something to cover up to avoid cold.
5. If your floor is tiled please put on your socks. Don’t walk bear foot. Mostly at night, put on the socks overnight.
6.Please if you have the aged ones keep them warm as they are more vulnerable now.
7. Please drink more citrus fruits like orange, Lime, lemon and pineapple. Add them to warm water to boost your immune system.
8. You can as well take ginger tea , garlic tea, tumeric tea, moringa tea and please don’t forget your Vitamin C, ( the white for the adult and orange for the children). Remember Vitamin D as well.
9. Don’t STRESS yourself.

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