Come, let us pray for Mary Daniel, the Lagos amputee water hawker – Peju Akande

Come, let us pray for Mary Daniel, the Lagos amputee water hawker – Peju Akande



The story of Mary Daniel, the Lagos amputee hawker, whose story went viral, caught the eye last week.



My friend has this saying, “He/She lies like a Lagos girl…”



We all lie.



White lies, hurtful lies…



Lies to get out of trouble



Lies to impress



Or lies to cover up for a friend/family, et al…



Lies that will prevent us from being beaten/sacked/ shamed



Black lies



Dangerous lies…



We all lie and so he/she who is without this sin should cast the first stone! We all lie. In fact, we even lie to our lawyers who want to defend us and to our doctors who want to make us better!



Come, let us pray for Mary Daniel, the Lagos amputee water hawker – Peju Akande



Think about it.



“People lie”, according to Dr. House of the medical series- House. An empirical truth I’ve come to understand and accept at simply human, as human as breathing!



Even our Governor was economical with the truth during the #EndSARS debacle. He lied bold-faced on CNN. He claimed not to know who ordered the attack on protesters. But we soon found out when the PRO for the military, Colonel Major Osoba Olaniyi, said soldiers were sent to enforce a curfew.



Who sent them? Sanwo! If you say Olu, na you sabi.



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If the Governor can edit the facts and today we have overlooked it; why can’t we overlook the plenty lies told by Mary Daniel, the 27-year-old, Kogi state born amputee?



First off, they said her presence at Oshodi was staged!



What kind of crap is this?



There are hordes of amputees on Lagos roads; several homeless kids; hundreds of disabled people in Lagos. How many of them are staged? To what purpose?



What of those children who practically wash your cars on Lagos roads? Are there people pulling their strings…hoping that one day some Nigerian would notice and begin to pour donations in millions of naira into their accounts?



So, how did Mary Daniel get singled out for a staged act? There are hundreds of nursing mothers breast-feeding their babies live on our roads. You mean those don’t qualify?


What are the odds that out of a thousand and one disabled people selling stuff in traffic; this one girl, Mary Daniel, who had been ‘prepped’ to attract donations from Nigerians both home and abroad gets to be interviewed and voila; Nigerians fell for it, so much so they dumped over N25million in donations into her account.



Come, let us pray for Mary Daniel, the Lagos amputee water hawker – Peju Akande




These same people are reported to be harassing her for their share.



You know what I think?



I think this story about Mary Daniel lying is standing on one shaky leg! (No pun intended).


It’s logical that once it became public knowledge that Mary Daniel hit the jackpot; every roach, ant, fly that ever passed her way would crawl out to stake claims. You will hear all kinds of ridiculous claims:



“I was the one who gave you N5 garri three months ago… where’s my share?”



“I helped you carry your pure water three days ago…I deserve something?”



“Who helped you bury your amputated limb?…Where is my take?”



“If I didn’t give you money for transport yesterday that the reporter now saw you and interviewed you and now you are rich…will you have N25millon today?”


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These are expected. It is expected that if care is not taken, she would be robbed in her home; simply because some foolish people would think she stored the N25million under her pillow!


So, I think, with donations pouring in and a government promising to support with even more donations; someone or some group of people suddenly came up with an idea of a lie!


“We can’t give her all that money. Haba! Somebody that was wretched yesterday, now a millionaire. She won’t know how to spend it”



They scratched the surface and there, they found a reason…Mary Daniel is a liar!



She had lied about the date of her amputation. It wasn’t in an accident. It was from birth…She had lied she had no parents…Her father is still alive.


A few inaccuracies, okay, a few bloopers have been discovered in her story and so the good we meant to give her, we are withholding…ye gods! Ask yourself, did she lie about her amputated leg? No, she still remains disabled.



Did she lie about selling pure water to support herself and family? No, she sold pure water for a living.



Is her father being alive helpful to her? No, he is also probably dependent on proceeds from her pure water sales.



Come to think of it, ye judges.



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Come, let us pray for Mary Daniel, the Lagos amputee water hawker – Peju Akande


How many of you are even clean with God Almighty? The One who sees and knows your innermost hearts? You lie in church, you lie in the mosques, you lie to your spouses, your partners, your colleagues and family and even your children and this is the one you want to brandish as reason not to help this woman, ay forsooth!



There’re two constants. Mary Daniel remains an amputee, whether or not it was at birth. Two: she sells pure water to keep body and soul together…These are more than enough grounds to help Mary Daniel!


Bad things happen when money like this is involved. So, she has been handed over to people who know nothing about her. People said to be “her kinsmen” will now manage over N25million for her?


Okaya, I just pray Mary Daniel survives it.

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