Come o, why are Abeokuta men always tearing cards? – Toni Kan’t

Come o, why are Abeokuta men always tearing cards? – Toni Kan’t

When news broke about Professor Wole Soyinka vowing to tear his Green Card if Donald Trump wins, all of us at sabinews took it with a pinch of salt.

No, it is not as if we all brought a bowl of salt o and took a pinch. No, na, that was a metaphor and we also thought Professor Wole Soyinka was taking liberties after all he has poetic licence. He is licence to wax metaphorical at the drop of a hat. (that is also a metaphore because with the kind of Bush on his head, he cannot wear a hat. but we digress.)

Moreover, we thought that hell would freeze over first before Donald Trump had any chance of becoming President. I mean, we had TB Joshua on our side, right? Right?


But TB decided to fall our hand in a vary amazing way. Oga TB, dat hustle don end o. Even Jimoh Ibrahim is saying keep your prophesy to yourself. You see ya sef now!obj-tears-pdp-card

Anyway, yesterday after the world ended and Nigerians were analysing the American elections as if they are Americans the thought occured to us at sabinews that the last time somebody threatened to tear his green and white card, that person was from Abeokuta, three minutes from Wole Soyinka’s house in Abeokuta.


And that was how we put 2 and 2 together and realised that there is trouble in Abeokuta o.

Why are they always tearing something?

If you know the answer please drop us a morafoking line!!!

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