Computer Chips and Technology World War – By Chris Uwaje

Computer Chips and Technology World War – By Chris Uwaje

The  computer semiconductor industry has been recognised as perhaps the critical tool at the eye of the storm of global development competitiveness.

And indeed, for the total control in global technology leadership and economy of the future.

This quest ultimately presents grave consequences for the trajectory of global economy and development – going forward. In this conversation, I will attempt to advance the subject from Tech-Talent War to Computer Chips War as the critical factors and concerns for a foreseeable Technology development world war.

Meanwhile, it is instructive to recollect that World War II was fought and won by deploying and manipulating the powers of Steel, Aluminium and Brain configurations – all meshed together into a concentrated strategic force of destruction and disruption of global economic development equation, power, and leadership.

All indicators point to the fact that the emerging technology world war will be cantered on computer Chips; as the centre of gravity of world development, discovery, and conquest unless there is an accepted global regulation. The extended complexity of the war would rage on and be fought beyond the planet earth; perhaps beyond the Moon, Mars, and other planetary system!

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How Are Computer Chips Made? - History-Computer

Two nations are significantly noticed and vigorously present in the arena of this tech-world war conflict.

The United States of America and China.

Both are confronted by a complex equation of who controls the core aspects technology-enabled production process; values of global development and survivability of mankind. If we think that the Hiroshima and the Covid-19 Pandemic experience were fearful, we need to think again; reimagine the consequences of the future-of-tech – powered by computer chips. Indeed, the conflict between the United States of America and China over Taiwan is predominantly cantered on the semiconductor industry and the Computer Chip power. With the advent of 5G, (and awaiting 6G), AI, IoT Robotics and related Quantum Computer development advancement; the fear of the consequences of a Technology world war is gradually hatching into reality.

Identifying the fact that chips will now and in the future determine economic growth and global and national security; the stakes in the struggles become not only high but fearsome.

The effects on the consumer economies of developing nations in Africa would be phenomenal! It has become common knowledge that the incredible advantage of integrated circuits (IC) in technology production process rely on its ability to power almost every device and coordinate utility processes in communications infrastructure; mobility systems, computers, smartphones, Database servers, electric cars, IoT and smart city connectivity and many more. Its predominance and strategic importance have become the fundamental attraction for global development and survivability of nations.

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Rare metals hold the commanding heights that will power the future of possibilities of a tense Tech-wars in Cobalt. A rare metal which is currently in abundance in Africa!

However, the discovery of Cobalt in Africa now puts the continent as the theatre for planning and steaming up the future Tech-wars. The economic attraction of Electric Cars and IoT has further ignited the passion to control global technology value chain – by all means possible. Welcome to the new dawn of digital commerce of e-mobility that may further invigorate and intensify the tech-warfare trajectory!

Meanwhile, as the pendulum and gravity of future digital economy and global power struggle continue to magically transform; there is one central characteristic that replicates a common denominator to previous economic development struggles in human history. That is, the role and supply chains of rare metals and mineral commodities; particularly as driving force for accelerated technology innovation and commerce.

The emergence of multi-layered benefits of Cobalt metal is further magnified by the dreams, greed and gains of digital adventure; climate change, 5G-enabled eCommerce, IoT, Smart Regions/Cities. New revelations suggest that Cobalt-enabled semiconductor market and knowhow control, eCommerce and Digital Economy currently constitute major aspects of the moving parts of digital Transformation and possible Technology warfare. Unless the AU establishes a strong regulation of Cobalt, Africa may lose out of the game, and left in a devastating economic eruption.

To prevail over the inevitable development storm, Africa must set new economic agenda; act decisively to protect her digital entrepreneurship ecosystems; as well as critical platforms to avert the unforeseen digital trauma that may dismember and damage the continent; her people, environment, and way of life.

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History shows that the above processes have accelerated global knowledge of metallurgy development.

Hence, metals played crucial role in the evolution of agriculture, transport, arts and craft and many microscopic aspects of engineering-of-things. For a long time, civilisation has strongly relied on the discovery of metals and arrogance of greed to sustain national develop and conquest of others. And over-time, that dependency and addiction have led to many bloody wars.

Humans, in prehistoric civilization, applied metals to develop tools and weapons. Today, the world has trapped her future into the discovery, possession, application, ownership and use of metals for economic development and survivability. There are many positive sides to acknowledge. But the effect remains unchanged and at a great cost to the future of our collective humanity.

Is there a Technology war out there?

Yes, we all know the possible answer. Indicators from the recent punitive actions taken by the United States on research, manufacture, marketing and distribution of semiconductors present and intensifies a global economic development problem. Some view it as a Tech-Cold-war, but due to its interchanging complexities; the world may regrettably find herself slipping into a sudden global tech-war of chips with no other avenue to return to!

Africa is in the eye of the storm and must collectively defend the future of the continent; as well as her people with all available mediums.

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