Condoms are selling like hot cake this lockdown – Peju Akande

Condoms are selling like hot cake this lockdown – Peju Akande




Before the lockdown, I went to the pharmacy to stock up on a few over- the- counter- drugs like Vit C; cough syrups, paracetamol, sanitary towels et al. I was just stocking up, like they say, in case of incasity only to experience first-hand the huge demand for condoms.




At the counter were several others, too, who wanted one thing or the other. We were separated by lines, three customers per time being attended to by pharmacists. The rest of us took turns to step to the counter once any of the three slots became vacant.




When it got to my turn, there was a man next to me; who I judged to be in his mid to late forties. He was buying up all the condoms in the pharmacy; it was the only thing he came for.




I kid you not. He asked for 10 packs, was given seven and told that was all they had left at the pharmacy; at that point in time. Oookkk!





Condoms are selling like hot cake this lockdown - Peju Akande





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Two things registered for me; demand for condoms was high and the next person who wants condoms; at least for that night, had to go look elsewhere. Then secondly, pharmacy would not only restock, they would most probably up their supply by a few more packages!




Me entiende?




I drew back to take a good look at him and accused him with my eyes – you naughty boy, you. That can’t be for madam…assuming there’s a madam.




“So what happens to the rest of us who want condoms, too?” I asked jokingly. I was also being nosy and he knew it!




“You’re on your own, madam,” was his curt reply.







Aww crap, why you gotta be like that, you can’t take a joke? You got all the condoms and you’re still not happy.




But he reminded me of what I had been seeing on social media for some time; people venting about their sexual frustrations; some ranted about being made to have too much sex with their husbands/partners; others were not having any at all!




I thought these were over indulged adults…




Nigerians cannot be like this…




Two weeks into the first lockdown; I started getting the Nigerian version of those videos, posts, tweets. I have seen many. Of note is the one of a woman with a wrapper tied across her chest who runs out of her home; pursued by her husband in boxers…He wanted her back in the house. She refused, complaining bitterly of being subjected to too much sex.







I didn’t believe this video. This is staged, I thought. Nigerian women would not do this in public!




The friend who forwarded pointed out a few things that showed that it wasn’t staged. I was surprised.




Another set of videos that got my attention were those done by single women; complaining of being sex-starved and demanding sex!









Condoms are selling like hot cake this lockdown - Peju Akande





Yeah! Our girls are looking the camera in the eye and demanding for sex, ‘opendentially.’




‘We don reach that level?’ I asked




Oh yes, no wonder guys were stocking up on condoms; they knew something I didn’t.




While chatting about the pharmacy incident with a friend; she told me she herself had gone to the hospital to insert an IUD preparatory for the lockdown.




“My oga will have no excuse,” she said, “and I don’t want to get pregnant at my age; so, I went to insert an IUD, so na to dey fire dey go…” she announced gleefully.





Condoms are selling like hot cake this lockdown - Peju Akande




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Et tu, Brute?




But not everyone is posting their sexual frustrations online; a few men have been videoed cooking, carrying their babies on their backs, playing ten-ten with their wives and children.




COVID-19 may be bringing death, pain and fear to the world. But it’s also teaching us to value life; as well as love those dear to us. It has taught us to value our health above all else; above material gain, professional qualifications and wealth.




Condoms are selling like hot cake this lockdown - Peju Akande



When you hear that people exhibiting symptoms of the virus are being told to go home; and await a call from the testing centres because centres are fully booked; when you hear figures leap from 500 plus to 800 plus and growing in a matter of days…When you hear of families calling to NCDC but getting no responses because gradually; the agency is becoming overwhelmed. Then you pray never to fall sick or go where you are likely to get infected.




You want to live, to love and enjoy your relationships!


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