‘85% of people who wear masks catch coronavirus’, Trump repeats inaccurate claim

‘85% of people who wear masks catch coronavirus’, Trump repeats inaccurate claim




Donald Trump has made wild and flighty cases that 85% of individuals who wear masks get Covid.


The US President, who is looking for re-appointment in under three weeks; guarded his choice not to wear a face cover at a NBC News municipal center the previous evening in Miami.


He was intensely tested by Savannah Guthrie over reproving racial domination; his retweets of QAnon paranoid notions and him getting Covid-19.


Furthermore, he retaliated in the wake of being tested over not wearing a face cover.


‘Individuals with covers are getting it constantly,’ he contended, referring to the Democratic legislative head of Virginia Ralph Northam and Republican representative Thom Tillis of North Carolina testing positive in spite of consistently wearing covers.


‘Only a few days ago they came out with an explanation that 85% of the individuals that wear covers get it,’ he said.


When asked by Isabella Pena, the girl of two bleeding edge wellbeing laborers, if his supposition had changed on wearing a veil after his Covid-19 conclusion; Trump said: ‘No, on the grounds that I approved of the covers.


I was acceptable with it.’ ‘Yet I’ve heard a wide range of stories on masks,’ he included.


Trump made the claims after once again boarding Air Force One and appearing at rallies without a mask; and even coming back to talk to reporters without a mask on a flight Wednesday. But when pressed by Ms Guthrie over this; Trump defended himself and pointed to disagreement in the early days of the pandemic.


Now his team says it could save thousands of lives if more people wore masks.


‘Look, you have, on the masks, a story where they want; a story where they don’t want. I am all for it,’ Trump said. Ms Guthrie referenced a Washington University study that masks could have a major impact in reducing deaths.


Trump countered by bringing up his controversial advisor Dr Scott Atlas; who is not an infectious disease expert and has promoted controversial ideas on herd immunity.



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And then you have other people that disagree. Scott Atkins [Atlas]. If you look at Scott, Dr. Scott.


He’s from great guy – Stanford.


One of the great experts of the world,’ Trump said, referring to Atlas.


Repeating the claims This is not the first time Trump has made this inaccurate claim about face masks; – meaning he has repeated it to the US public on several occasions.


Speaking at a Fox Business interview about his rallies, he said: ‘What I do is outside is a big thing. And if you look at those, people, they really are wearing masks.


‘I’ll tell you, I looked last night in Iowa — there were many, many people wearing masks.


‘In any case, at that point you see CDC comes out with an explanation that 85% of individuals wearing veils get it.’


At an assembly in Greenville, North Carolina, the President stated: ‘Take a gander at all the covers. You know; they continue saying, “No one wears a veil, wear the cover.” ‘Albeit then they come out with things today.


Did you see CDC?


That 85% of individuals wearing a veil get it; alright?’ This isn’t the first run through the President has made unconfirmed cases about Covid.


He was vigorously scrutinized over the world not long ago in the wake of recommending individuals ought to infuse themselves with disinfectant to murder the infection.



Busting the myths


Trump did get the figures from a study, but he has completely misinterpreted what the research was actually finding.

The study he referenced, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; did not find that 85% of mask wearers catch coronavirus.

If that were the case, the majority of Americans would be infected.

It actually found something quite different.

A small group of Covid-19 positive patients – around 150 – were surveyed and asked whether they wore a mask.

In the two weeks leading up to their diagnosis; 71% of the participants said they ‘always’ wore masks; while another 14% said they ‘often’ wore masks.

The group’s exposure to potentially infected people in the community varied.

Most reported shopping or being in a home with multiple people. But they were twice as likely to have eaten at a restaurant; where masks are set aside for the meal, than were uninfected people in a control group.



Myth busted: So it was actually 85% of just this study group of positive cases who reported usually wearing coverings; – and masks were very unlikely to be the reason they contracted coronavirus anyway.

It was not 85% of all mask wearers in the US reported to have caught the disease; as Trump claimed.

Further, the study also questioned a slightly larger group of people who had tested negative for Covid-19; and found 74% said they ‘always’ wore masks.

Most studies have shown that wearing masks reduces the transmission of the virus by blocking respiratory droplets.

Several studies have also shown that masks could offer some protection for the people who wear them.

These findings were published last month in a CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.








Source: Metro


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