Coronavirus: Did author Dean Koontz predict outbreak in 1981 book ‘The Eyes of Darkness’?

Coronavirus: Did author Dean Koontz predict outbreak in 1981 book ‘The Eyes of Darkness’?

Author Dean Koontz eerily predicted the coronavirus outbreak in his 1981 thriller “The Eyes of Darkness.”

The fictional novel tells the story of a Chinese military lab that creates a new virus to potentially use as a biological weapon during wartime. The lab is ironically located in Wuhan, China, and the made-up virus is called Wuhan-400.

In the novel, the virus is called the “perfect weapon” because it only affects humans. However, it cannot survive outside the human body for more than a minute and does not require an expensive decontamination process; once it spreads through a population and those who contract it.

Currently, the coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, China is causing panic throughout the world.

This chilling coincidence did not go unnoticed on Twitter; as users highlighted the similarity of the novel’s events to the real-life, where indeed; as it turns out, the coronavirus epidemic has broken out from a seafood market in Wuhan.


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What’s more, according to a South China Morning Post article ⁠— the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which houses China’s only level-four biosafety laboratory that studies the deadliest viruses; is just 32 km from the epicentre of the current coronavirus outbreak

Manish Tewari, a former Information and Broadcasting Minister in India, posted a picture of the cover and a page from the book and tweeted: “Is coronavirus a biological weapon developed by the Chinese called Wuhan-400? This book was published in 1981. Do read the excerpt.”


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