Coronavirus hairstyle: Have you heard of it? – Ella Temisan

Coronavirus hairstyle: Have you heard of it? – Ella Temisan



Don’t say you haven’t read or heard of the latest hairstyle in vogue? They are calling it the Coronavirus style.



While it is mainly a thing for women, our men are not left out. But as you might expect, the women dominate this supposed craze.



The cut for men is basically ‘Gorimapa’. If you’re not familiar, ‘Gorimapa’ is the hairstyle you get when you scrape off all the hair on your head; just like Tubaba Idibia. Once you have a clear and smooth head that shines like a mirror after you apply some oil; you have ‘Gorimapa’.



Coronavirus hairstyle: Have you heard of it? - Ella Temisan




This supposedly coronavirus haircut is very cost-effective, in my opinion. Especially if your hair doesn’t grow fast. So, it is not surprising that anybody will choose to call it the hairstyle in town for this season.



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What is most surprising is the alleged coronavirus style for women. According to Sky News, African women have chosen to wear ‘Kiko’ as their preferred hairstyle this season.






Again, if you’re not familiar, ‘Kiko’ is what we usually call ‘thread’. It is that hairstyle you get when you steadily wrap strands of thin black rubber thread around a handful of hair. As a young girl, it is the hairstyle you are allowed to plait; when your ‘puff puff’ becomes full and outgrows the standard puffiness.




This is what an international news agency reported that Africans are doing with their hair this coronavirus period. ‘Gorimapa’ and ‘Kiko’ if you can imagine.




Coronavirus hairstyle: Have you heard of it? - Ella Temisan



Apparently, they got their facts after speaking to ONE hairdresser in Kenya. She told them that most of her customers had been asking for “spiky hairdos“; so they chose to report that the whole of Africa is wearing ‘Kiko’. 





Just like that.




That some unknowing person in Australia might come across that news piece and assume that we in Lagos; are either bald or have our hairs wrapped in rubber or yarn is seriously disturbing.





But what would getting disturbed give anybody? After all, international media continuously misrepresent Africa. They do it when they call us the poverty and crime capital of the world. They do it with downplaying homegrown talents. And they definitely do it when they select a sinister point of view; each time there is something good to report about Africa.




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When they choose to identify the different locations in Africa, they seem to select the worst parts of it. For example, Lagos in the face of international media is mostly a picture of dirt and dark sweaty faces. All you would see is Makoko slum and huge refuse dumps. The way we are represented, you’d think we really live in a jungle of the Lion King type.


If there is anything we want the world to know; it is that we are spirited and resilient. Even in the face of a coronavirus pandemic that we don’t deserve. Indeed, we want the world to know that even while we are marginalised and generalised; or taken for granted by Western media, our drip will never die.


Eko for show is forever.

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