Coronavirus: How to maintain good hygiene under a lockdown

Coronavirus: How to maintain good hygiene under a lockdown



As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, the authorities are resorting to stricter methods to control the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus.


As a result, under a partial lockdown till the end of the March. The shutdown will practically close everything barring essential services such as drinking water, banking, telephone, internet, railway, other modes of transportation, food, vegetables, groceries, hospitals, medical centres, medical stores and electricity.


So you are sitting at home (and working from home, if you are lucky), you have stocked up enough supplies to last a month or two in case of an emergency and have at least one sanitizer each for each family member in the house. In short, you are all set to battle at least a month or two of uncertainty and dread.



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However, what if we told you that being under a lockdown doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you are safe and sound within the four walls of your home? Yes, you read that right.




Don’t worry, here is a foolproof guide that can help you survive the lockdown and come out of it stronger.

1. The shoes stay out

Remember the olden days when footwear were meant to stay outdoors, no matter whose house you were entering?

Yes, it is time to bring that habit back. Of course, being in isolation means that you will be holed up inside your home but there are plenty of people that may come to your place.

These include housemaids, cooks, milkman, vegetable vendors etc. So, make sure that you ask them to keep their shoes out, especially if they visited other houses before yours.





Coronavirus: How to maintain good hygiene under a lockdown




2. Handwashing is a NECESSITY

Also, ensure that everyone who knocks your door washes his/her hands fervently before touching anything else. You may keep a sanitizer outside your home for this purpose. You also need to sanitize yourself after collecting whatever you were supposed to take to keep the germs out.

3. Disinfect everything

We cannot stress enough on the importance of disinfecting commonly used objects like a television remote control, laptop, tabletops, dinner table, kitchen counter etc.

Yes, even when you are on lockdown, we are humans and we tend to sneeze, cough and most importantly TALK. So the respiratory droplets keep paving their way to objects around us.


4. Put a pause on ordering food online

Yes, it might be comforting to order your favourite hot chocolate fudge to get you through tough times, we suggest thinking it through. You really need to be sure of the restaurant you are ordering from, its sanitation levels and the hygiene-level of the delivery boys.



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5. Give each other some space

There is no denying that lockdowns can be mentally taxing as everyone is on the edge. We understand while being forced to stay indoors may seem like god sent gift in the beginning, it may get boring really quick. Since the condition of the pandemic seems to worsen with every passing day, it is understandable that people are panicking over the uncertainty.

In situations like these, it is easy to lose your cool and get frustrated with the number of people hovering on your head.


Hence, we suggest giving each other some space from time to time and do your own thing. Watch some movie, read a book, take an online course or simply take a nap, you don’t have to be together all the time, just cause you are in lockdown together.

Lastly, appreciate this time if you can, it is the only time you can relax (and not be busy), without feeling guilty about it.



Coronavirus: How to maintain good hygiene under a lockdown





6. Bathe regularly

We understand that it can be comforting to just stay holed up in your comfy, old clothes and not care about showering and dressing up since you will not be going anywhere.

My advice? If not every day, trying bathing every couple of days to keep skin conditions (and the body odour) at bay.


7. Discard previously used items

Once you are under the lockdown, we suggest replacing all your toiletries including soap, shampoo, toothbrush, loofah etc with new ones. This will ensure that you don’t have residual germs sneaking in your washroom to make you sick.

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