Coronavirus in Nigeria: Please #StayHome to #StayAlive – Viola Okolie

Coronavirus in Nigeria: Please #StayHome to #StayAlive – Viola Okolie



So, now that our government is beginning to wake up to their responsibilities due to the coronavirus pandemic; Buhari has been reluctantly forced to come out of hibernation and come and practice being a leader; by addressing his people in the midst of a global pandemic – and even worse; his supporters are expecting us to applaud the fact that he has spoken to us twice; over a pandemic that has raged for close to 90 days; while other world leaders make hourly contact with their people – we are now listening to Nigerians complaining about having to sit at home?




You see, at the end of the day, we get the sort of leadership we deserve in Nigeria; because we are the type of followers that we are.




Now, people who have followed their various church leaders to hold varying degree of “fasts” are online; complaining about what to eat during the period of the coronavirus lockdown. It is not like I don’t understand where they are coming from o. Indeed, there is something about burial shrouds that make them fit a filled belly better; than one that has been hollowed out by hunger.




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Nobody wants to appear at heaven’s gate in an untimely manner and fashion; and then rather than concentrate on ensuring that Angel Maroof and his alaye boys; do not try to assign you to a mansion with a leaking roof; be more concerned about how many abodi Angel Sikiratu wants to add to your plate of amala with abula. Because if you die hungry, you may end up mixing up your priorities; when you get to your final destination just like you did while on earth.



Coronavirus in Nigeria: Please #StayHome to #StayAlive - Viola Okolie




How difficult can it be to understand that you need to stay home for at least 14 days; to allow the virus incubate in those who may have unwittingly contracted it; and have been sharing it at religious, social and political gatherings?



Sit at home. Let it marinate and incubate. Then anyone who shows the symptoms can be isolated from the rest who may need another 14 days; just to get them all. Then you all are free to return to yelling angrily at a God you claim to fear; and waging daily battles with a devil you claim your god is greater than; but who still is apparently powerful enough that all your prayer crusades, spiritual warfare and the like; are yet to silence him.



You are free to return to the heaving mass of humanity, rubbing shoulders and exchanging sweaty handshakes; and being in too close proximity in public places with complete strangers. That is part of the daily grind of being Nigerian.



I will not act like I do not understand what the issues are. When people ask me how I am preparing for the lockdown; I tell them that I am simply not preparing. I shrug and keep the conversation moving, because stocking up food – is a luxury in itself. That is why places that sell food are classified as “essential services”.



That way, you don’t have to stock up. You can still come out and get food if push comes to shove. Just get some days at home to take a quick masterclass in ordering priorities.





Two quick things though;


1. Now instead of congregating in churches and mosques, please stay at home and pray. We want to confirm whether those of you that declare all sorts of crazy fasts; at both ends of the religious divides; were really fasting or were dodging somewhere to find food to eat.

Declare a 14 day long fast, and pray for Nigeria and Nigerians in distress. Just worry about what the children will eat, you the adult should be fine. Reduce the pot bellies, remember the days of keto induced “intermittent fasting”? Well, what do you know?

It has landed on your doorsteps now. Intermittent fasting on a kentro level. Fast 22 hours and eat within a two-hour window. Abi how were they plugging that one that year? God has made it such that you no longer have an excuse not to fast. Grab the opportunity with both hands.

While you all argue and grumble about the lockdown; I am busy counting down the days for you. Before you know it, it’ll all be over.




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Coronavirus in Nigeria: Please #StayHome to #StayAlive - Viola Okolie



Hang in there.

2. Network and other MLM marketers – seriously? I thought you all said you work from home and get rich? Why won’t you all just do that quietly now? Why are you bugging other Nigerians to invest money; that they should be putting aside for essential commodities; into the business that YOU allegedly are making billions from; especially from the comfort of your bedroom?


Please, leave people alone.


They have a lot to contend with at the moment; and the main goal now is not to go to Greece or China or Malaysia. The main goal is to stay alive in the face of the coronavirus scourge. To keep the family alive and together. To keep the mind active and not slip into depression. In fact, to reconnect with your immediate family, which should be what matters most to you; at this material point in time.


Please stop badgering people to invest in your schemes for now. Maybe practice giving back? From all that money you made while “working from home”? Give out food and support those who cannot afford it at the moment please.


Let us focus on corona of the body, please; and not be distracted by corona of the minds and the pockets.


Last last, Nigeria and Nigerians will be alright.


I have confidence that our resilience as a people, will pull us through this dark period.


Please stay home to stay safe,you all.


It is only for a while.


Coronavirus Is Real

#StaySafe #StayAlive.

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