Coronavirus: Expert says number of confirmed cases in Wuhan 25,000

Coronavirus: Expert says number of confirmed cases in Wuhan 25,000

A senior public health expert in Hong Kong has disclosed that the real number of people affected by the new coronavirus; is closer to 25,000 and much higher than the 2,744 cases confirmed by China’s National Health Commission.

He disclosed this on Monday.

Gabriel Leung, Head of the Li Ka Shing, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong; disclosed this while briefing newsmen in Hong Kong.

Gabriel said that his team’s research indicated that there were likely around 44,000 coronavirus cases in the incubation stage.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s National Health Commission had revealed that 80 people had already died. Further, it disclosed that 2,744 were confirmed infected across China as of Monday; marking a rise in the death toll by 24 since Sunday.

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China coronavirus 'spreads before symptoms show'

Expert says worst of coronavirus spread yet to come

Nevertheless, Gabriel, who urged the Hong Kong Government on preparedness in response to the disease; said his team expected the coronavirus case count to continue to double every six days; especially in the absence of any public health intervention.

He estimated that the Chinese city of Chongqing would encounter the largest epidemic.

The city of over 30 million is densely populated and closely connected to Wuhan; the city at the centre of the disease. Equally important, he said research indicated the peak of the outbreak would hit Chongqing approximately two weeks before outbreaks in other major cities like Beijing and Shanghai hit their peak in April and May before dying down in June and July.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong has confirmed eight cases of the deadly coronavirus.  Researchers believe the disease originated in a wet market in Wuhan where wild game; including snakes, civet cats, and bats were sold for consumption.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced that residents of Hubei province and non-Hong Kong citizens found to have visited the province; after January 12, would not be allowed entry into Hong Kong as of January 27, 2020

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