Coronavirus shutdown: Bundesliga to return in May

Coronavirus shutdown: Bundesliga to return in May

Berlin plans to allow Germany’s Bundesliga to restart behind closed doors in May; after weeks of shutdown imposed to control the spread of the coronavirus.

According to a draft government agreement seen by AFP, Wednesday, politicians believe restarting play in the first; and second divisions to “limit the economic damage” for the 36 clubs is “acceptable”, the document showed.

Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as state premiers will set a date for the games to begin in a telephone conference later Wednesday; with German media reporting May 21 was a possible candidate.


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“Restarting match activity must preceed a two-week quarantine; where appropriate in the form of a training camp” for players, the document read.

Germany’s influential DFL football league has long urged restarting play; which it says is vital for a sector that employs 56,000 people in Germany.




It has offered authorities a strict infection control plan based on numerous coronavirus tests; which it says would allow the competition to be relaunched with low risk.

Health Minister Jens Spahn has judged that the scheme “makes sense and can also serve as an example; for other forms of professional sport,” although “it has to be lived up to”.

German clubs stand to recoup 300 million euros ($325 million) in TV rights if they are allowed; to contest the nine remaining match days in the Bundesliga season.

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