Coronavirus: The times they are a ‘changing – Viola Okolie

Coronavirus: The times they are a ‘changing – Viola Okolie




The whole world as we know it, has changed.  And that is the reality of the matter at hand now as we contend with the realities of coronavirus; and how it has come to redefine the world in its own special way.



No longer will a gathering be considered incomplete if there wasn’t at least 200 people in attendance. No longer would boredom cause you to just up and stroll into your neighbor’s very bedroom; under the guise of: “I just dey pass na him I say make I come greet una”; otherwise known as “m’ogbo, m’oya”.




With coronavirus, every interaction now has to have a valid purpose – no more aimless wandering for restless souls (and legs).



Coronavirus: The times they are a ‘changing - Viola Okolie




Indeed, relationships are being repaired and rebuilt as people learn to shelter in place with who/what is most convenient; and then begin to understand and accommodate each other, making provisions for individual differences. Again, some relationships would be irreparably destroyed this coronavirus season as people get to unravel; and people either get introduced to the real person; or as the reality of the situation teaches others who and what is important, and who and what is not.



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Behind every cloud, they say, there is a silver lining.




Parents are taking closer interest in what their children are actually being taught in school. Last week alone while at work, I had at least two parents stop over at my desk. They promised me that they were going to “sack” their child’s teacher as soon as the schools resumed. Well, that was one way to look at it.




Another way is to imagine a teacher that had to deal with at least fifteen of your “perfect little angel”; all at the same time and in the same small enclosed space.








You can’t even stand to have them at home with you for two months of quarantine. You can’t wait for the schools to resume so you can ship them off gladly; back to the same teacher who you think is incompetent and should be fired?




Sounds like a plan!




The other day, a friend sent me her card details to order a meal for my daughter and I online. I was really craving “comfort food” or as the world popularly calls it – “junk food”; so I quickly did the needful to a popular fast food chain around here. Next thing I knew, my order started getting “k-leg”; so we had to cancel. It was already late at night when this started happening and hunger is real; so I had to go rummaging in the fridge. Guess what yours sincerely ended up eating? Chicken and salad.



I did not eat “comfort food”.




I did not die.




So expect a lot of self-induced lifestyle ailments to reduce drastically this coronavirus period; as people begin to get a grip on their diets, their nutrition, their lifestyle decisions and attitudes; the things they used to hitherto just do flippantly – a lot more consideration would have to go into these now. If you had N20,000 for instance, are you going to go blow it on pizza and ice cream; or are you going to go and get rice, garri, yam, noodles; sturdy stuff that will last you and your family much longer and add more value to your bellies/lives; than fleeting fancies?




To be or not to be.




That is the question.




The way I see it, we are going to come out of this coronavirus pandemic with the ability to prioritize; in a way and manner that will be keener and more astute than we have ever been able to. Frills and frivolities will revert back to being considered just that – frills and frivolities. People, things, ideas, priorities are going to be reorganized and either bumped up, or pushed down the ladder of life. 




And the earlier we come to grips with the fact that this may be our new reality; the better. The earlier we come to grips with the fact that; we need to begin to love and understand the serenity of our company and that of our nearest and dearest; the better our ability to adapt and reduce the complaints and complaining about things totally beyond our control.



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The more we learn to not fret and obsess over things that are really out of our hands; because truth be told, aside from sheltering in place; we mortals are completely powerless to control this pandemic – the more we learn to seek inner peace at all costs.




That being said, let us not end this without allowing at least one conspiracy theory/food for thought in.




Coronavirus: The times they are a ‘changing - Viola Okolie




As a friend walked past my desk on his way into the office yesterday; he stopped to chat for a while. (Trust me, I not only disinfect my space like a gutter dweller rolls around on it every few minutes; I also have my face mask on 24/7 and ensure that people keep their distance from me at all times. I don’t care about their sensibilities, my priority is my health and my daughter’s too).




So he stopped to chat with a weird story.



He asked: “Vee, what is it about this coronavirus that they are not telling us?”




Apparently, his uncle in New York had passed on last week from the coronavirus. When he went into hospital and before the family knew it was the corona; an aunt had gone over to his apartment to help him straighten up and take care of his pets. Two days after his uncle died, this Good Samaritan aunt fell ill and was rushed to the hospital – diagnosis. Within a day or two, she could neither see nor speak and was on a ventilator and as usual; no access to family and friends.



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“Vee, what are they not telling us about this corona? My aunt went in to my uncle’s house about a week after he had been hospitalized; yet she caught the corona from being in his apartment. And this is an ailment that once you are diagnosed of it; you are not allowed contact with family and friends. The last you see of them is the day they leave for the hospital; until they either come back alive or die and even then; you are not allowed to claim their bodies or go to their funerals. And Vee, how does the corona knock people down so fast? Vee, what IS going on?”




Coronavirus: The times they are a ‘changing - Viola Okolie




Well, I had no answer to that. I just waited for him to leave so I could revert to my new obsession; spraying down my space with a disinfectant spray and wiping down all surfaces; as soon as someone has been in my space.





May we all survive this mystery.



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