Coronavirus: What would you do if the world was actually coming to an end? – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Coronavirus: What would you do if the world was actually coming to an end? – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

It has been a weird few weeks with the coronavirus pandemic.



It feels armageddonish.



An unprecedented indefinite lockdown.



I am not on leave but I am still employed and just sitting down at home.



Somewhere at the back of our collective minds; we have sort of immortalized ‘super power’ countries like the United Kingdom and USA. We see them as untouchable. The places with the secrets of governance.



Every single day, we use them as yardsticks to berate our country and our leadership.



We think of our healthcare and secretly and openly wish we could live in such countries where things work well. Then suddenly, coronavirus steadily and stealthily walks in and we are watching these countries grapple to handle things.



About a thousand people die in 24 hours in America. Also, nearly 941 die in 24 hours in the UK as a result of the coronavirus



It is so surreal. It feels like a major shift in how this world is being run is happening.



In fact, it feels likes the end of the world.



Coronavirus: What would you do if the world was actually coming to an end? - Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



I know I am being dramatic. The world has witnessed pandemics like this coronavirus before. But I am pretty sure it felt like the end of the world to those that were alive then.



As a matter of fact, the conspiracy theorists have been having a field day.



If people have never paid much attention to conspiracy theories i.e. Illuminati…etc., people are paying attention right now.



Suddenly, all across my feeds, I began to see 5G and new world order everywhere.



I dismiss this initially.



But to my shock, intelligent people… credible people… educated people… influential people are repeating these theories.



So, back to my initial question.



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What if this was really the beginning of the end?


What if the world was winding down?


And what if this coronavirus crisis is the ending of the world?


How would you live differently if the world had; let’s say, a couple of years before it implodes and is turned to dust?


If I knew for certain that the world would finish in two years, I would stop making grand future plans.


Not that I was ever good at doing that in the first place.



Coronavirus: What would you do if the world was actually coming to an end? - Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha




But somewhere at the back of my mind are things I would like to do before I reach retirement age. These plans are long term and I don’t particularly feel pressured to pursue them. If I knew for sure that I would not be here for long, I would stop making such plans.


I did a flash back on things that I was really passionate about doing when I was younger; and I had sort of let slip through my fingers because of reality. I wondered if it was too late to find that passion and follow through before it all ends.


Not things you do because you have to do.


Things you do solely because you love doing them.


If there is any better way to end life, would it not be while doing something without duress?


The second thing I thought about was my family.


My immediate family (husband and children), my siblings and my in-laws.


I thought about all the relationships.


If I was certain about dying soon, I would take time to work on all relationships that matter. I would try and be there for all of them more. I would call more. Also, I would visit more. I would be in each moment more. I would forgive more easily. In addition, I would be patient. I would be less selfish.



Coronavirus: What would you do if the world was actually coming to an end? - Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha




I did not think much of what I would change with my work colleagues.


On the other hand, I thought of experiences that I have subconsciously pushed to somewhere in the future.


I thought about living a less restricted life. Being open to new things more. Trying new things. Not being angry all the time.


I also thought about my faith.


Sometimes I think that I postpone being completely faithful to my faith. And this is me being completely honest here.


I guess I fall into the false lull that being alive gives.


Being alive feels like it is something that you will be forever.


A false sense of immortality even though you are reminded daily that you are mortal.


It is what makes us postpone life. The false reassurance of a tomorrow.


I have the perfect picture of who I should be as a Christian. But rather than work on being that person; it is easier to just keep dreaming that; at some point, I will be that person sometime in the future.






One good thing for me if the world was ending soon is that the pressure for material things would slide off. Why dream of having 10 mansions if you will die two years from now?



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So, you. Yes! You. What would you do if the world was ending soon? What would you prioritize and what would you let slide?



Perhaps, it would be wise if we lived as though the world would end every day; so we are always clear about why we are doing things and are happier with our choices.



Truth is that the world may not be ending.



But every single minute, it is ending for someone. As it will end for us one day.



So live. Not fatalistically. But more deliberately.

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