Couple create gruesome wedding cake made of their own severed heads

Couple create gruesome wedding cake made of their own severed heads


Traditional white weddings are all well and good, but many of us these days are choosing to shun convention in favour of something a little more unique.

Recently one couple decided to ditch the long, white gown and smart suit and go for a white bikini and a pair of dungarees, celebrating afterwards with a roll-around in some mud.

Meanwhile, another went against the grain by holding their wedding reception at their local Wetherspoon pub, along with an evening meal of an Indian takeaway – in total paying just over £1,000 for their shoestring celebration.

Well, how about the couple who decided to mark their big day with THIS gruesome cake, which featured their own severed heads lying next to the words ‘Till Death Do Us Part’?


Dark. And very, very good.

A photo of the cake was shared recently on Facebook group That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming, where many people commented to say they weren’t a fan.

One person simply said the cake was ‘cringey’, while another wrote: “Thanks I HATE it.”

Wow, guys. Don’t hold back.

Others weren’t quite so critical, with one commenting: “Nothing says love like severed heads…”

Another added: “DEFINITELY not my cup of tea but holy cow these are amazing.”

Turns out the incredible creation came from Dave and Natalie of the Sideserf Cake Studio in Austin, Texas, who are also the hosts of Food Network series Texas Cake House.

They’re known for their hyper-realistic creations, with their feed showing off everything from giant unicorn heads and huge dragons through to Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and an ingenious edible version of ‘Prison Mike’, the prison alter-ego of Steve Carrell’s character in US series The Office.


Sharing a photo of the cake on Instagram last Halloween, the cake-making couple explained it had been their very own wedding cake, having exchanged nuptials just days before 31 October.

They wrote: “Our severed head wedding CAKE! We (Dave and Natalie) were married just days before Halloween back in 2013. Happy anniversary and happy Halloween!”

Over on their Instagram page, people have been a little more receptive to the cake.

One person commented: “Seriously, your cakes are AMAZING!!!”

Someone else wrote: “Holy…..this is terrifying! But seriously amazing work.”

Another Instagrammer said: “Wow … that looks so real … Happy Anniversary!! Happy Halloween!!”

A fourth added: “Love this so much.”

I think it’s ace – certainly better than a slab of sodding fruit cake covered in white fondant icing, topped with cutesy miniature versions of the bride and groom, no? (ladbible)


Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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