COVID-19: IGP orders investigation into video of beer bottles police officers destroyed in Lagos

COVID-19: IGP orders investigation into video of beer bottles police officers destroyed in Lagos


The Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Adamu, has directed the police in Lagos to immediately investigate some police officers; captured in a video going viral on social media where they destroyed beer bottles at a drinking spot.

The one-minute video, which has been trending on Twitter since Thursday; showed uniformed police officers kicking and pulling down stacks of crates, and breaking several beer bottles.

The incident reportedly happened in Lagos, and the officers were apparently enforcing the restriction; order in the state occasioned by the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Nigerians have been expressing outrage over the action of the officers.


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A tweet from the police Twitter handle (@PoliceNG) on Friday said the police chief “condemned the apparent unprofessionalism; and highhandedness exhibited by the Police officers”.

Mr Adamu is said to have directed the commissioner of police in Lagos State “to immediately investigate; and commence disciplinary actions against the officers involved”.



The NPF chief said officers involved in enforcement of restriction orders and other law enforcement functions; “must exercise discretionary powers with the utmost sense of professionalism, compassion and respect for the citizens.”

1st News reported earlier that the Nigerian Police officers have vandalized the property of a shop owner in Lagos amidst the COVID-19 lockdown in the state.

Since the coronavirus outbreak earlier in the month, the Nigerian government has identified methodologies to prevent the virus from escalating.

Last week, Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, admonished Lagosians; including civil servants; as well as entrepreneurs to remain at home and maintain safety precaution.

However, some business owners have violated the order; and NPF officers have taken it upon themselves to vandalize their property.

The officers showed up in their full regalia and well armed.

The video of the uniformed officers destroying crates of drinks at an anonymous location has instigated controversy on social media. The officers nefariously scattered the crates and sent the traders out of the vicinity.

Further, they could be heard hauling insults at the traders for disregarding the governor’s order; and also being apathetic about the pandemic.

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As a punishment for violating the lock-down orders, the officers destroyed all their goods.

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