COVID-19 is still in town! Lagosians, be warned – Ella Temisan

COVID-19 is still in town! Lagosians, be warned – Ella Temisan



COVID-19 is still very much a major threat in Lagos…


I know! I know! This warning seems trite now. And I can’t blame you for thinking like that. You’ve heard it countless times and without consequence. So, it no longer holds meaning to you. It has become one of those things you have to hear because the world is in a phase.


You even get offended at those bank security men when they make you put on a face mask before making your way into the banking hall. Why are they disturbing you? You ask yourself. “Coronavirus no fit kill me naw,” you think.


In fairness, you may be correct. That is if your body system is tough enough to encounter a mild form of the virus and win it.  Because I can tell you with all the weakened muscles in my body that whichever variant of COVID-19 is floating about the air is real and very much existent. I know this because I have experienced it twice.




COVID-19 is still in town! Lagosians, be warned - Ella Temisan




 Ladies and gentlemen, it is not funny. Only the truly evil will wish it upon somebody they dislike.


The surprising and most relieving part of it all is that I am one of the lucky ones. My neighbour was hospitalised for a month, for the whole month of June. He is home now but he still visits the hospital weekly for routine check-ups. Apparently, he isn’t fully recovered despite spending weeks demobilized in a quarantine centre somewhere in Ikeja.

He shared his story with me and I was speechless with thanksgiving and relief. I was admitted for only two nights and spent seven more days in isolation in my spare room. I was darn lucky!

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This man told me he saw death. He had even started preparing to die. He wrote out his passwords, financial details, assets information; everything he could think of that would be useful to his family. In addition, he even discharged his many side chicks.


Don’t judge. We are all human. But that’s what he did – repent. He repented on his sick bed. Indeed, the things COVID-19 showed him would leave any man awash in his own sweat.



COVID-19 is still in town! Lagosians, be warned - Ella Temisan

It should be enough to only hear the horrifying tales of other people’s battle with this faceless creep that’s refusing to let us be our best selves. But it isn’t because we don’t believe what we can’t see. So, I’m going to keep repeating that thing you are tired of hearing.


COVID-19 and its family of variants are still in the air. Be careful, please! Take all necessary precautions. Where that is not enough, I pray the grace and mercy of God carry us through these uncertain times.


But make no mistake, this thing is very much in the air.


Just because it hasn’t reached your house doesn’t make it fake. Be careful.

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