COVID-19: Nigerians react with outrage as El-Rufai extends Kaduna lockdown by 30 days

COVID-19: Nigerians react with outrage as El-Rufai extends Kaduna lockdown by 30 days

The Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai has announced an extension of the lockdown in place; to curtail the spread of COVID-19 in the state by an additional 30 days.

As a matter of fact, the 30-day extension takes effect from Sunday April 26, 2020. Further, it disclosed that the decision follows a recommendation to that effect by the State Standing Committee on COVID-19. Equally important, the committee is headed by Dr. Hadiza Balarabe.

This was disclosed on the verified handle of the Kaduna Governor on the micro-blogging site, Twitter.

Specifically, the governor based the decision to extend the lockdown by 30 days on the rising cases of COVID-19 in Abuja; the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and other neighbouring states as well as evidence of further spread via interstate travel. Additionally, it affirmed that the measures currently in place to protect the people of Kaduna required further strengthening.

Consequently, the Kaduna State Government has come up with an additional set of guidelines.

‘‘Quarantine Orders have been reviewed to strengthen the provisions against unauthorised movements. Henceforth, only Wednesdays will be lockdown-free, until the trajectory of Covid-19 infections becomes clearer.  All persons that venture out of their homes for whatever reason must wear facemasks and observe social distancing; everywhere they go, in markets and in authorised vehicles. Government is making efforts to provide facemasks for poor and vulnerable residents,’’ it said.


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Meanwhile, the government has warned that wearing of facemasks will be robustly enforced in the state; as a critical public health measure to reduce person-person transmission. In addition, El-Rufai reiterated that the ban on public places such as schools, markets, worship centres, etc. remains in force. Moreover, he highlighted that external visitors to the state are banned until further notice; even as he threatened consequences for violators.

‘‘…Schools, places of worship, event centres, sports grounds, bars, restaurants, markets, shops, public parks and all other places where large crowds could gather are to remain closed until further notice.

‘‘The Kaduna State Government has clearly stated that no visitor is welcome to enter the state; while the Covid-19 pandemic is raging. Entry into or passage through Kaduna State is prohibited whilst the Quarantine Orders remain in force. Persons seeking to come into the state will be denied entry. Such persons will be given the option of returning to their take-off points or entering isolation for 14 days; in locations and conditions that are so austere that nobody can mistake them for holiday resorts.

‘‘The vehicles being used to enable such attempts to breach the quarantine conditions will be confiscated and forfeited to the government upon conviction. The companies operating those vehicles will also be prosecuted and shall lose their license to operate in the state. Mobile courts have been empowered by the Quarantine Orders to try violators and impose the prescribed penalties; including fines, imprisonment and forfeiture of vehicles, upon conviction.’’


Meanwhile, the development has generated reactions from Nigerians. As a matter of fact, 1st News has put together a cross-section of view from users on the micro-blogging site, Twitter.





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