COVID-19: PTF tells schools to send pupils with respiratory symptoms home

COVID-19: PTF tells schools to send pupils with respiratory symptoms home

National Coordinator, Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Dr. Sani Aliyu, has urged schools to send pupils with respiratory symptoms consistent with Coronavirus (COVID-19) back home to reduce risk of transmission.

Aliyu gave the advice on Monday at the COVID-19 National briefing in Abuja.

Speaking on school reopening, he said that PTF would like to re-emphasis adherence to non-pharmaceutical interventions by schools, particularly screening and heightening awareness with regards to COVID-19, following issues it had with Lagos State over outbreaks in some schools.

“Any student presenting with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, particularly respiratory symptoms or fever; should not be allowed to come to school. When teachers noticed a child with respiratory symptoms, the child should be sent back home. So that we can reduce the risk of transmission.

‘‘Just as it is important to communicate effectively with parents, staff, school health teams should be creating protocols and providing regular updates on any change to the school procedures as it relates to COVID.

“We encourage schools to continue to consider creative solutions to abide by our COVID guidelines; including staggered learning to avoid overcrowding, platooning, daily attendance and adjusting teachings among others,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Aliyu said that many inbound travelers who paid for the compulsory Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test; had failed to turn up for the test seven days after arriving the country. He warned that they would be restricted from traveling for six months.

‘‘On the issue of international travels, as we are aware we are approaching a very busy season, where we see a surge in passenger travel. The aim of the PTF over the next few weeks is to discourage travelling, especially non-essential travelling.

‘‘We want to flatten that surge in passenger travel that we see every year around December. Why? Because of COVID-19. COVID-19 has changed the world, the way we interact; the way we deliver our services and it has to change the way we travel as well,” he said.

Equally important, Aliyu said that PTF was actively discouraging non-essential travels, adding that essential travels were travelling for study; work purposes, humanitarian services, to suppprt critical infrastructure, economic services and maintaining supply chain arrangements.

He said that outside this, people should stay at their base over this period; adding that at the moment, there were a lot of travel restrictions going on in Europe and other places.


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