COVID-19: Senegal develops revolutionary $1 testing kits, boasts world’s 3rd highest recovery rate

COVID-19: Senegal develops revolutionary $1 testing kits, boasts world’s 3rd highest recovery rate

Senegal has emerged with flying colours for its expert management of the COVID-19 crisis.

The West African country has developed a $1 testing kit which has commenced production of in huge quantities, enabling it to subject everybody who walks into any health care facility to a COVID-19 test.

Consequently, Senegal has recorded only two deaths from COVID-19 over a month since the pandemic spread to its shores. Further, it boasts the third highest recovery rate in the world ahead of more advanced countries with huge health budgets; such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and France, among others. In addition, it has the highest recovery rate in Africa.

Researchers in Senegal had developed the $1 quick testing kit, originally made to test for dengue fever. Patients or other persons who walk in drop blood or saliva on to the testing kits and wait for a blood line to appear; just like a pregnancy test.

One of the researchers, Amadou Sall, disclosed that Senegal is keen to manufacture more of the devices; for export to other African countries.

‘‘There is no need for a highly equipped lab,’’ he said. ‘‘It’s a simple test that can be done anywhere. The idea is to rapidly produce two to four million kits not just for us but for African countries; so that we can detect and isolate patients quickly.’’


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Also, Senegal is producing locally-made ventilators using a 3D printing machine to make up for the shortfall in the country. There are only 50 ventilator machines for its nearly 60 million people. Equally important, the 3D printed ventilators cost only $60 whereas the imported variant goes for $16,000.

Please see below a report by Al-Jazeera on Senegal’s amazing strides.

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