Covid: Tear gas, water gun used to disperse protesters in Prague

Covid: Tear gas, water gun used to disperse protesters in Prague


Czech police utilized tear gas and a water gun to disperse violent protesters who assaulted them after a meeting Sunday in Prague; against government limitations to slow the spread of Covid contaminations.


Police salvage administrations said in any event 20 harmed in the conflicts; which emitted after several thousand protesters; including soccer and ice hockey fans, energized at Old Town Square to censure the limitations that; incorporate the boycott of sports rivalries and conclusion of bars and eateries.


Public social occasions of more than six are likewise prohibited, however up to 500 individuals are permitted to determine; whether they are isolated into isolated gatherings of 20 and wear face covers.


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Huge numbers of the demonstrators had no face covers. After police said their number outperformed 500; the coordinators finished the assembly.


Yet, a few dissidents remained and the square; tossing flares; lager containers; stones as well as different articles at revolt police.


The Czech Republic has been confronting a record flood in Covid diseases as of late; making it one of the hardest hit nations in Europe.


However, the coronavirus outbreak in Russia this month is breaking the records set in the spring lockdown. But, as governments across Europe move to reimpose restrictions to counter rising cases; authorities in Russia are resisting shutting down businesses again.


Some regions have closed nightclubs or limited the hours of bars and restaurants; but few measures have been implemented in Moscow which is once again the epicenter of the surge.


Moscow — with less than 10% of the population accounts for up to 30% of new infections each day.


The health minister says 90% of hospital beds for coronavirus patients have been filled.


On Friday, Russian authorities reported over 15,000 new infections; the highest daily spike so far in the pandemic.


Three times this week, Russia’s daily death toll exceeded the spring record of 232.


The spring lockdown hurt the country’s already weakened economy and compounded Russians’ frustration with plummeting incomes and living conditions; driving President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating to a historic low of 59%

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