Cross: “Angel preys on people, very calculative”

Cross: “Angel preys on people, very calculative”

Cross, one of the Big Brother Naija ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemates, said that he has noticed that Angel preys on people and is very calculative. He made this known to Pere as well as WhiteMoney in the early hours of Saturday, Day 70 of the show; after the Jacuzzi party. Cross had earlier stated that he didn’t understand Angel’s mood swings but after WhiteMoney advised him to love Angel, he decided that he was the wrong person for her.

In the recent conversation, Cross said, “I noticed that she’s the biggest game player in this game.”

He also stated that when Pere and Liquorose told Angel that the latter was strategic, she flared up because it’s true.

“It hurt her a lot. Besides, everybody has been told that they have a strategy and it doesn’t hurt them,” Cross said.

Cross also mentioned that Jaypaul had accused him of using a strategy but he laughed it off because he doesn’t care.

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Talking about Angel, Cross noted, “That day, I didn’t really believe it; but since that time till two days ago, I was gauging her. I have been looking and watching her. I realised that she’s very sensible.”

He continued, “By the time I understand everything and get to understand her, I said, ‘No it won’t work.’ This girl knows what she’s doing. She’s a smart girl. She knows how to prey on people. She knows the right time to meet a housemate to be friends with her; to be associated with him or her.”

Pere also chipped in, “She’s highly calculative.”

Agreeing, Cross said, “Yes, very calculative. She knows how to be noticed. She knows when to be your friend; and when not to be your friend. She’s very calculative.”

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