Crossdresser jailed for having sex with fellow men

Crossdresser jailed for having sex with fellow men

A crossdresser identified Jonathan Gonani and commonly known as Yvonne was found guilty of having sexual intercourse with men.

The development, was deemed contrary against the order of nature contrary to Section 153(c) of the Penal Code in Malawi.

Mangochi Senior Resident Magistrate’s Court through State Prosecutor, lnspector Amos Mwase heard that the convict who was born male; but used to disguise himself as a woman; came to Mangochi early October and was trading as a commercial sex worker.

He manipulated fellow men with his feminine dressing and was being hooked as a prostitute. He then permitted them to have sexual intercourse against the order of nature. However, he was arrested by Mangochi Police detectives for robbing a 28-year old man of K120,000 cash; as well as a Samsung J2 in the room after the customer refused to pay because he discovered that Gonani was not a woman.

Mwase added that when the detectives went to search where Gonani was lodging; they rescued a 17-year-old Form 4 student who was found locked inside the room for 24 hours.

The student had refused to pay Gomani since the child felt cheated.

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The convict also confiscated the student’s Huwaei P8 phone as payment for the services.

Appearing in court, Gonani pleaded not guilty to charges of theft and sex against the order of nature. However, the state paraded five witnesses who proved the case beyond reasonable doubt.

In mitigation, the convict asked for leniency; saying that he was taking care of his old mother; while also acting as a youth member who supplied condoms to sex workers as his responsibilities. Nevertheless, prosecutor Mwase reminded the court that the convict’s behaviour was against morals and law; hence prayed for stiffer sentence.

Passing judgement, Senior Resident Magistrate Rodrick Michongwe concurred with the state.

He therefore sentenced Gonani to eight years for the count of unnatural sex; a three year sentence for the count of theft; as well as three years for another count of theft. The sentences will run concurrently.

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