CUPP accuses Buhari of scheming for third term over Onochie’s INEC nomination

CUPP accuses Buhari of scheming for third term over Onochie’s INEC nomination

The Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has accused Muhammadu Buhari administration of harbouring a third term agenda.

According to the coalition, this was a major factor in the nomination of the president’s Personal Assistant on Social Media, Lauretta Onochie, as INEC commissioner by the president.

This was contained in a press release issued on Friday, July 9, by the CUPP spokesman, Mark Adebayo, who vehemently condemns the nomination; and Senate screening of Onochie and calls it “a dangerous threat to democracy and the unveiling of APC’s third-term agenda”.

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CUPP said, “in the established tradition of the Buhari regime, it has again turned deaf ears; to the overwhelming public outcry against the ill-advised nomination of a known sycophant of the president as an INEC commissioner.

“Since last year that the nomination of Mrs Onochie went public, many sociopolitical organisations, opinion moulders, Civil Society Organisations and the general public have raised an alarm on the danger a publicly biased individual can unleash on our Electoral system and democracy; but typical of this government that runs a near-fascist regime; it has ignored these patriotic calls for restraint on this Onochie nomination nonsense.”

“It is now very clear that her nomination is not unconnected with the rumoured third-term agenda of Mr President. Otherwise, why should the president continue to push for her nomination despite public outcries against her nomination?

“Meanwhile, whatever Mrs Onochie says to the contrary, she is an APC member; as well as an active member of Buhari campaign groups. She has not resigned her membership of the APC; and remains vocal in her support for the Buhari government.

“Such a person, especially with Mrs Onochie‘s pedigree of insulting majority of Nigerians who disagree with the failed government; under which she serves due to her blind biases; cannot be trusted with a sensitive national assignment as the position of an INEC commissioner. It is not only dangerous to our democracy but a present and clear danger to the integrity of our electoral processes.

“We suspect that her appointment is a targeted one to perfect the third-term agenda of General Buhari’s cabal. We call on the Nigerian Senate to toe the path of honour and reject this terrible nomination by not confirming her nomination.”


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