Curbing diseases: Expert recommends healthy lifestyle, regular medical check-up

Curbing diseases: Expert recommends healthy lifestyle, regular medical check-up


The Chief Medical Director, National Hospital, Abuja (NHA), Dr Jeff Mommoh has recommended the adoption of healthy lifestyle; and regular medical check-up to curb spread of diseases.

Momoh made the recommendation during a lecture Society of Lifestyle Medicine in Nigeria (SOLONg) organized on “Learning the Role of Nutrition, Physical Activity; Sleep and Social Connectedness in Modern Healthcare” on Wednesday in Abuja.

According to him, the seminar is to sensitise the public and health workers; on the need to imbibe healthy lifestyle that will improve health status.

He said that such life style would check the risk of contracting diseases; as well as manage any health challenges one might be suffering from.

He added that “many diseases are related to our lifestyle and some of these chronic diseases; such as hypertension and diabetes have to do with how people lived their lives over the years.

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“And the mortality and morbidity we see as a result of these diseases depend on the ability of those affected to cope; which include regular exercise, good diet and ability to take time off work to rest and sleep well.’’

He, therefore, stressed the need for people to eat more of natural and less of processed food; saying “eat your food from the farm, otherwise you will get it from the pharmacist.

“You don’t necessarily need to have a disease to come to the hospital, we are encouraging healthy lifestyle for everybody; we also encourage regular medical checkup for every adult at least once a year if you are above 40 years.

“These will help with early diagnosis and help doctors to intervene early.”

He also advised against the trend of people taking multivitamin supplements; stressing the need for more of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and other natural foods.

“A lot of people are going on multivitamins, spending a lot of money buying all sorts of supplements, some making outrageous claims; you really have to be careful because you are spending more on supplements than you will spend on healthy foods.

“What we are recommending is healthy foods from the farm; and can be eaten directly after washing. You can actually plant these things yourself and start to eat them free of charge.”

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