Dabiri-Erewa reveals reason for delay in repatriation of 600 Nigerians

Dabiri-Erewa reveals reason for delay in repatriation of 600 Nigerians

The Chairman of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, has responded to a viral video depicting Nigerians pleading to be returned from Saudi Arabia.

Dabiri-Erewa revealed that the authenticity of the video is yet to be ascertained; while confirming that 600 Nigerians are currently awaiting deportation from the Muslim country.

The NIDCOM chief, who appeared on Channels Televisions flagship News At 10 late Friday; attributed the delay to the coronavirus pandemic; as both countries bickered over the responsibility of paying for COVID-19 tests.

While noting that the 600 are now set to be returned home by the end of January, Dabiri-Erewa urged Nigerians to shun illegal migration.

“I can’t confirm the video. But I know that we have 600 Nigerians that are illegal migrants, that would be leaving Saudi Arabia.

“Yesterday we were with the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Zubairu Dada, and other officials, and plans have already been made to get them home before the end of the month pending any unforeseen circumstances,” Dabiri-Erewa stated.

“But there’s been delays, dates have been changed because of COVID-19, and there have been arguments about who’s responsible for the tests; but everything has been resolved and like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says, they should be home before the end of the month.”

In response to the conditions of the 600 Nigerians, she stated, “They are in a deportation camp awaiting to be returned to Nigeria at the moment.

“And like I said, they are from different nationalities, different countries, not only Nigerians because Saudi Arabia actually packed the illegal immigrants; and said they should all return to their countries once they don’t have proper documentation.

“Of course, a deportation camp is never the best place to be; and that is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been working hard to get them back home.

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“And I’ll keep saying, we need to really discourage irregular migration. It’s getting tougher; more dangerous; more difficult to survive as an irregular migrant anywhere in the world.”

The NIDCOM boss also explained measures being put in place by the Federal Government to stem the tide of illegal immigration by Nigerians.

“So we really have to ensure that we put a stop to this issue of irregular migration. It’s dangerous, it’s deadly, and where you are running to ends up being worse than where you are running away from. So that’s actually the issue we have to deal with as a nation.

“It’s actually something that every Nigerian should be involved in, not just the government. But on the part of the government, we should work at having a managed migration.

“Okay, these people are going to work . . . they just want to work. And the people need their services. So why can’t we work at having a properly documented managed migration? Some other countries are doing that. The Philippines does it. They come to you properly and you know what they are being paid. It’s even said they make as much as $6 billion from that. So, really, irregular migration can become regular.

“It can be made possible to be legal because they need these services. It doesn’t have to be done in an irregular manner. That’s one of the things Nigeria must do, working with other countries. The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Labour should come together and see the next steps to be taken in this regard.

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