Damilola Adegbite wants to support 3 single mothers

Damilola Adegbite wants to support 3 single mothers


Beautiful Nollywood actress, Damilola Adegbite has revealed her intention to support three single mothers.


Damilola took to her Instagram page on Monday, January 13 to proclaim her altruistic intention to aid single mothers. The actress who is also a single mum mentioned that it is essential someone supports women in society.


In her post, equally important, she urged three single mothers to reach out to her on the photosharing app, Instagram. Moments after her post went up on the social media spectrum, numerous independent mothers have reached out to the actress.


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Here is what she wrote:

Dear Single Mom,

“If your child didn’t go to school today because you aren’t able to pay his/her fees, please send me a DM and include your phone number. I’ll be paying 3 children’s school fees this term and by God’s grace, this is only the starting point. Please send me a message only if you are a single mother: Unmarried, Divorced, Separated, or Widowed. Tell me a little about yourself. I’ll pick based on my discretion. Please feel free to tag anyone who you know may need this, and if they aren’t on social media, you may send a message on their behalf.
P.S I will be paying directly into the school’s account.
God bless you ❤️”



Damilola and Chris got married in 2015 and together, also, they have a son, Brian. After a series of denials that their marriage had hit the rocks it was finally confirmed in 2017 that they were no longer together.


She stated “There are quite a lot of things and I wouldn’t want to single out one. If I single it out, it may seem like the most important one when it’s not so; they are all very important.”

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