Dammy Krane, #pepperdemgang & mug shots – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

Dammy Krane, #pepperdemgang & mug shots – Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

I don’t like following Naija pop culture gossip (that is a lie sha… even if I don’t want to follow all the gist, the gist follows me!!!).

The latest over the weekend was from a musician I had heard of in passing but I still do not know a single song he sang. Apparently, the guy was trending on Instagram and flexing around on a private jet. You know the instagram life na…





All those captions that will send you straight into depression if you care about such things.

You keep wondering how even though you have avoided fornication, told only a few lies and not missed church in the last 2 years and you are still hopping from okada to danfo hustling and not seeing much result.

Which ‘Oluwa’ are these celebrities following? What kind of prayer are they praying? How do you not even know any hit song or movie of theirs but they are jet setting from one end of the world to another? You start to wonder, when last you saw Oge Okoye in a movie and yet she can afford a range rover sports for her beautiful dogs (winking!!) Your ex-classmate that graduated with a pass is flaunting Louboutins and using the latest iPhone while you are tying a rubber band around your bold 5 despite graduating with a high 2:1. Of the 7 job interviews you have attended, only one was rumoured to pay 70k a month to starters while the others offered between 30 to 50k.

Then you become depressed. You wonder why your life is the way it is. You even call your mother to ask if she knows of any wicked aunty that is known for dimming the stars of the extended family.

So Dammy Krane had been living the life of luxury. No, not even first class tickets were good enough. A big star should not board a plane with disgusting plebeians. Till the faeces hit the fan and splattered all over the Nigerian social media scene. The company that chartered out the private jet got him arrested for paying with a stolen credit card. Now, I know the story is still evolving and it is all ‘allegedly’. Beht, as the bad human being that I am, I like to assume all bad news is true at first… till proven otherwise.

I was puzzled on so many levels. Did he care so much about seeming successful that he actually stole to pay for the image? How about stealing to channel into actually becoming a success. For example, using the $22,000 he used to charter the jet to pay for a banging hit song and a piping hot video… surely it would have been worth more than posing for a few pictures to pepper his 475,000 followers.

What kind of disgrace is this to be eating in a private jet one day and then to have your mug shot retweeted thousands of times the next day.

The illusion of wealth does not translate into actual wealth. Who deceived all these kids? I am sorry but I have to enter ‘aunty’ mode here. I think something is wrong somewhere.

My father once told me that if you gathered a dozen millionaires, maybe just 2 of them are accidental millionaires. In the sense that some things clicked and voila! They became millionaires. Another 2 would be so by inheritance and may not even remain so because they lack the skills to grow wealth. For the other 8, it would be sheer hard work and years of discipline, determination, dedication and consistency.

Money doesn’t come just like that.

I see a lot of kids looking for that big idea that would flip their fortunes overnight. I guess this is why TV contests are popular. Everyone wants that opportunity to become a successful sensation.

They also have a taste for the good things in life already. I know so many young adults without jobs that have iPhones. They can barely afford data but they have these iPhones. I also know a lot of successful workers with over a decade of steadily growing wealth that use phones that are not stupendously expensive. A 22-year-old girl that does not have an income is buying hair that can pay the rent on her father’s house. She knows all the brands on sight. She can sniff out really expensive perfume from a mile and can tell a fake Rolex after a 3-second glance.

These kids are afraiding me.

Instant gratification is all they seek after. Ask a young hustler to pitch for a job you are giving out and he will bill you within the inch of your life. He wants to make all the money at once. You ask him questions and he begins to give examples of Wizkid, Zuckerberg, Adekunle Gold and all sorts of successful young people.

Does he know that they are exceptional? They are not the rule. Or are motivational speakers telling him to bill the way he desires people to see him?

Anyway, I am not bothered about such people. You see that thing called time is an unbendable teacher. You gonna learn son… whether you want to or not.

My concern hovers around the countless hard working hustlers. Those that have no benefactors and feel discouraged by the illusion of success everywhere. Take your eyes of the ‘gram. Time is on your side. You may start out dismally, but if you refuse to take your eyes off the prize, you will tell different story years to come. All good things will come eventually. Not magically though, but through your persistence.

And you see the gbogbo #pepperdemgang of Dammy Krane and co… unless they substitute the fake life energy to churning out hits, the fake cover will fall off. You cannot keep it up forever.

Once again, if Dammy Krane is innocent… good for him. I will apologise for using him as a crutch to carry my article. If he is not… then let this sermon change somebody’s life.

See ya next Monday by God’s grace



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