Dangote: I am not interested in becoming President of Nigeria

Dangote: I am not interested in becoming President of Nigeria

Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote has declared that he is not interested in the top job in the country. In other words, the business magnate says he is not interested in becoming President of Nigeria.

He disclosed this in an interview on The David Rubenstein Show on Bloomberg monitored by 1st News.

Equally important, Dangote affirmed that he is doing a great job as a businessman. Consequently, he does not want to be involved in politics. In addition, Dangote is convinced that Nigeria can also be developed through leadership in business.

“I think I am doing a great job where I am right now; so I don’t think I need to be in a political space. Some of us, we need to lead in in terms of the trajectory of developing Africa through the business, not through political leadership”.

Meanwhile, Dangote has also revealed that he did not inherit wealth, although he was born into a very wealthy family. Instead, he noted that he built up his riches from scratch.

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Further, he disclosed that his late great grandfather was the wealthiest West African in the 1940s; and his father was very rich.


Nigeria remains a top investment destination in Africa, says Dangote

He revealed that his father died when he was aged eight years. Consequently, he had given everything he inherited from his father to charity.

“…One thing that, I am very, very proud of is that I did not inherit any money from my father. I built everything from scratch till where I am. Whatever that I inherited from him, which means in assets, I gave everything to charity since then.”

Equally important, the wealthy entrepreneur listed Nigeria among the most ideal investment destinations in Africa. Dangote named Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and Kenya as the most ideal investment destinations on the continent.

Below is the interview:

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