Daudawa, alleged mastermind of Kankara schoolboys’ abduction, shot dead

Daudawa, alleged mastermind of Kankara schoolboys’ abduction, shot dead

Auwal Daudawa, the alleged brains behind the abduction of nearly 300 school boys from the Government Secondary School in Kankara, Katsina State, has reportedly been killed.


Daudawa met his waterloo on Friday.


The popular bandit is believed to have played a key role in the abduction of the Kankara school boys in a brazen operation that seemed to have become a precursor to the recent wave of abduction of students. The incident, which took place in December 2020, subsequently shot him to prominence.


Daudawa was shot dead during a gun duel with a rival gang. The gun-fight allegedly took place at Dumburum forest; a dense area located between Zurmi Local Government in Zamfara State and Batsari Local Government in Katsina State.


In February 2021, Daudawa had surfaced in the Zamfara capital, Gusau, along with five of his men. Thereafter, he had announced his repentance and handed over more than 20 AK-47 rifles and other weapons to Police. However, he is believed to have recently returned to his nefarious past after abandoning his residence in Damba, Gusau.


Daudawa was killed while leading a revenge attack on men loyal to another bandit, Ballolo.



Sources disclosed that while the repentant bandit was in Gusau; some armed men of a rival known as Ballolo had attacked Daudawa’s men in an attempt to rustle their cattle. The incident had led to the death of two of Daudawa’s members.


Daudawa was said to have vowed to retaliate.


Further, a source told reporters that the retaliatory attack had seen Daudawa’s gang succeed sin killing some of the men in Ballolo’s camp. However, Daudawa was killed in the exchange of gun fire with Ballolo’s men.


Equally important, the development was confirmed by the Zamfara State Commissioner of Internal Security, Abubakar Justice Dauran.


The Commissioner revealed that Daudawa had recently settled down to life in Gusau; adding that his return to the forest for a revenge attack came as a surprise.

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