Davido for President – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha

Davido for President – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha




It is hard not to love Davido.



Very hard. I am not a groupie obviously. I am not in the age range that obsesses over celebrities…. Well, except for a few agbayas, my age mates usually have bigger problems on their heads than which celebrity to adulate.



Personally, it took a while for Davido to sink into my consciousness. And, of course, he did sink in with his Omo Baba Lowo song. But pretty much outside that, I rarely ever read anything that had to do with him.



But because I am a social media person (I keep up with all that is happening around the globe) I knew that periodically, there are arguments about who is bigger: Davido or Wizkid. I had no opinions. As per mama with three kids and responsibilities.



During our time, we did ‘the who was better?’ Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston? Prince or Michael Jackson (by the way, Whitney and Michael are the obvious answers. Beat me).



Then Davido went and had a really good year with hits back-to-back. 2018/2019. It was hits back-to-back-to-back. He was everywhere. Then the 30BG was impaled into our consciousness. Apart from that, it was easy to see even from afar that he kept people around him and was loyal to them as they were to him. He gave off the impression of being conscientious and down to earth, despite his very wealthy background.



Davido for President – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



The general consensus was that he was a generous man and was not stingy with his limelight. He would do collabos, post people up and be openly generous.



I rooted for him and Chioma. This was because it was a very high-profile relationship and most of the time; there are many people who would want that to fail. Also, there had been a rumour that Chioma had dropped out of school to be his partner. Not a good move in my opinion. But I understood and hoped it would be worth it.

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Their relationship seemingly ending was not funny to some of us but we still love Davido. We can’t see him not taking care of his own. He seems to be involved in the lives of his children and takes pride in them.



I am beginning to veer off. I really just want to talk about what Davido seems to be doing right and why he is so loved.



Apart from his generosity, he gives off a vibe of really caring. About people and about this country.



When his uncle was contesting for governor, we saw Davido rally behind him with full force. He was not afraid to state political opinions. He also seemed to have a good relationship with his family. If you ask me, nothing says better of a person that how much this person is there for his family.



During the #EndSARS protest, Davido did not mince words. He was right there in the forefront. In a time where celebrated people were afraid to stick their necks out for fear of victimization; he jumped in with his two feet. Along the way, other celebrities joined. He is always right there saying the right things at the right time.



People show him love and he shows love back. Everything light and love and no negativity. He has lost a number of people on his team; such that people have said it is beyond the norm. He mourned appropriately and made statements honouring the dead and supporting the family they left behind.


So, when Davido made a public call for cash donations, it was no surprise that the love overflowed. We all sat down with our calculators, helping add the numbers. Even I had a fleeting thought of what I could give before sense slapped the back of my head. This is how much I root for Davido. How much I think he deserves.


There were a few bad belles here and there and even some insinuations of him being broke. When I shared that with my husband, my husband said a big fat:

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There are levels to this broke thing. Can your brokeness reel in over N200 million? I don’t think so. Of course, at some point it was to prove clout on the side of his friends.



He mentioned my name, I gasta give. 



But underneath that, the truth is that this guy is loved. He is obviously someone everyone wants in their corner. When he added N50 million to theN201 million that had been raised, we all started crying.




Davido for President – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



“God! Biko bless our Davido. We don’t really care what you do to our president but as it concerns Davido, abeg bless him.’’



Giving the money to orphanages sealed the deal. He singlehandedly raised about a quarter of a billion naira without any dinners and long speeches, or fancy letter heads soliciting for donations. He called out his friends and corporate partnerships. And then set up a committee to disburse the money.


What is not to love about this guy? (But why did he break up with Chioma or was it is vice versa? E still dey pain).


My sister-in-law said that Wizkid could never be as humble and down to earth as Davido is.



I sort of agreed and tried to explain why I thought so.



Wizzy was not born with a silver spoon. Being where he is today, he may struggle with an awareness of where he started from and feel like he needs to act up. Be ‘classy’. Be inaccessible. This is to earn where he is in a way.



But with Davido, no points to prove. He was born into deservedness. Whether he speaks with a foreign accent or not matters little. We all know that the pedigree is there. No need to form.



Sorry for this one comparison. I could be wrong.



Davido for President – Abiodun Kuforiji-Nkwocha



Anyway, God bless Davido and prosper him and give him many more hits. For being such a man of the people and connecting with his fans; despite what he has achieved is a huge accomplishment.



If he goes into politics later on in life, we will not be surprised. And I will vote for him. I really just want people who truly care at the helm of affairs of this country.



But till then, happy birthday Davido!



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