Davido speaks on how his father responded to his music career

Davido speaks on how his father responded to his music career

In an interview with an American-based podcast, Earn Your Leisure, Davido stated that his father sent the police after him when he heard he has abandoned his studies to venture into music. He disclosed that he also skipped school to the studio to do what he loves most.

“I wasn’t in school. I was facing music full time and over the years, he found out that I wasn’t in school; and there was a whole lot of drama. I moved back to Nigeria and then he wanted me to go back to school.

“Because he was like ‘after school, you can go back to do the music and bla bla bla. Just get your degree first’ which I’ve gotten. Thanks to God.”

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Davido revealed that he delved deeper into music after he was informed that people went crazy after one of his songs was played in the club those days so he stopped the school to pursue music. “I left school. I went back to the city and then my dad was chasing me with police.”

“They were coming after me to go back to school. Any show he (my dad) saw me on, on a flier or whatever, he was shutting the show down” Davido said. Davido disclosed that he got his breakthrough in the music industry after he released his song “Dami Duro”.

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