Dear Pastor, look well before you predict 2021 – Peju Akande

Dear Pastor, look well before you predict 2021 – Peju Akande

Nobody saw 2020 coming, for a year so fraught with much, no pastor, no prophet, no imam, no prophetess no one who has any claim to foreseeing what the future holds or who has a claim to ‘hearing’ from God saw 2020 coming…not by a long shot!



Not even the so-called Nostradamus, please!


But we are human after all. So, let’s not go too hard on our men of God. Maybe God just wanted to show us all He doesn’t have to share all His knowledge with man. Therefore, He kept 2020 hidden.


Dear Pastor, look well before you predict 2021 – Peju Akande



He gave our pastors/prophets/imam, visions for everything but the real 2020 deal…They all missed it, all without exception! And I won’t name names of famous pastors who see into New Years who didn’t see jack!


Who knows, maybe God figured some people would profit insanely from it…Some people did, though, but anyway, 2020 happened and the world is still reeling.


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2020 is still with us and millions of people worldwide just want this year out and gone for good! Millions worldwide have lost loved ones, lost their sources of income and lost their homes. Their lives may never be the same again so to think that no pastor saw the pandemic; big and global as it turned out. No prophetess or pastor predicted the lockdown. No ‘man/woman of God’ caught a whiff of the millions of deaths from coronavirus…None saw the strange infection that grounded economies worldwide and paralyzed social interactions. Coronavirus became a word we all knew at once; it became an infection we all fought as one.



I mused over the fact that, what if, when in December 2019 when Wuhan broke into our consciousness; some ‘smart’ prophet had caught the ‘revelation’ and began to prep us against 2020, saying; “Prepare, the world is going to experience a pandemic like in the time of Moses and the 10 plagues. Wash yourselves, stay indoors, there will be darkness all over the world. There would be shutdowns like we have never known before…”



If such a pastor/imam, whoever, had also correctly predicted #EndSARS and Trump’s loss, world leaders and politicians would be thronging his church/mosque/ holy abode by now.



Dear Pastor, look well before you predict 2021 – Peju Akande



Though we may have laughed at such a prophesy but as it has now come to pass; even I would be waving my bible at him/her, proclaiming him/her as someone who hears/sees from God. Indeed, there would have been a statue for him in Imo (oh sorry, Okorocha no longer governs the state). Okay, we would have built a shrine for such a pastor. We would be bowing and prostrating to such a one, we would have deified such a one…


But God loves a good joke. He blinded all “future tellers”. He gave them radio silence on 2020. So, all predictors of our collective future didn’t even hear 2020 coming until it slapped us in the face!



But we forgive the pastors who didn’t see 2020 to warn us about the year. We forgive those who said they saw but didn’t. It’s okay, we all miss it sometimes.  Many of our pastors rallied round to help their congregations with food and sustenance during the lean lockdown months.



We applaud.



Dear Pastor, look well before you predict 2021 – Peju Akande




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We applaud men and women of faith and character who; despite it all provided much needed supplies to people in need in their communities. These are the people we want to hear from come 2021. These are voices we want to cheer in the new year.




So, as we approach the period when vigils are held to usher in the New Year; when people who see visions and dream dreams begin to foresee and foretell, may I suggest; dear pastor/pastoress/imam, prophetess, prophet, please, if you must see visons, please see the real thing or forever hold your peace.



Don’t try to predict a year like the one you missed. If you haven’t seen anything, stay quiet on that topic and just pray for a good year, we pray thee!

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