Dear Village People, I am not the one you seek – Viola OKolie

Dear Village People, I am not the one you seek – Viola OKolie



Dear Village People,


Ten – Zero.


You have ten, I have zero.  Most importantly, it is good to see that you all have not forgotten me. You were just probably distracted by the myriads of Nigeria’s problems and now that it seems like everyone is getting involved, you have freed up some time to follow me around.


Ten – Zero.


But I shall equalize soon, not to worry.


It is clearly not my fault that nobody gave you all Sallah ram to eat. You complained and complained so much about RUGA. Well, I am sure you all know that ram meat is the junior brother to RUGA, sorry, cow meat. But I can’t believe that you all have bared your fangs because I gently pointed out to you that you can’t be wailing about RUGA on the one hand; and complaining that nobody invited you to eat Sallah meat on the other.



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These were the thoughts swirling through my mind as I lay spread-eagled at the bottom of the stairs this morning. Wondering what exactly just happened to me and how a staircase I had mastered like softly pounded yam and ofe nsala; had stepped back as I placed my foot on it; sending me flying through the air.


Nigeria’s problems are not mine.


It is not me that asked your president to act unconcerned and unaware. Picking meat from his teeth as Nigeria literally buckled under him. His major problem appears to be how to stop his closest contender during the just concluded elections, from responding to serious events in the country.


Events that the President and his handlers seem to be adopting an “ostrich head in the sand” approach to resolving.


Look away and it will go away.



Dear Village People, I am not the one you seek - Viola OKolie




The problems you face are not my fault, Dear Village People

Village People, I am convinced that it is not my fault that the Nigerian police are currently experiencing what they have long exposed young Nigerians to. Hustling under the hot sun to make a living. Yet unable to dress the way you want for fear of being abducted off the streets. Handcuffed by the “gallant” men who are sworn to protect you. Slammed with all sorts of spurious charges, and beaten to within an inch of your life.


Pity that Nigeria’s brightest police men lost their lives while struggling to identify themselves to corrupt military men.


Espirit de Corps?


The thing is dead in Nigeria.


It was wobbling along when “corruption” was allegedly dripping off the floors and corridors of the seat of power in Nigeria. It was there, grudgingly acknowledged while “clueless” was in charge, but there nevertheless.


Then Mr. Integrity stepped in to fight corruption, and Espirit de Corps went scrambling off into the bushes.


“From one uniformed man to another, we are not here and refuse to be a party to this. We would rather align with corruption because it is fighting back too much. Too much.”


And you think the menace of Fulani Herdsmen-kidnappers will come to an end any time soon? While the people who are supposed to fish them out using toy drones take orders directly from the kidnappers. Worse still, they can turn on themselves in a minute to do the dirty job of their paymasters? Pele.


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At least now we know why the “herdsmen” kidnappers carry sophisticated weapons. Appear dressed in military fatigues, and seemingly have camps of hundreds yet no amount of combing by men of the gallant Nigerian army can fish them out.


I am not the one you seek

Not because they cannot be seen. But the ogas at the top in the army have been seen.


We do not know if that seeing filters down the rank, but what we sure know, is the temporary blindness that comes with being seen.


It is the blindness that recognizes Tekno as a criminal who is trying to corrupt our minds with indecent exposure. Meanwhile, the criminals who rob us blind and attempt to starve us and our children to death, are invisible. Indeed, even as they operate in the full glare of the public.


It is the blindness that says that all roads lead to Daura to go and eat some ram meat. All the while admonishing citizens to persevere in their suffering and not hustle too hard to get some ram meat of their own. If it is garri that comes their way, they should soak it like that and learn to be joyous and content.


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Dear Village People,


I have no rams to share to you all. No toothpicks to offer you to pick your teeth in an unconcerned manner while Nigeria burns around you.


Please stop following me around. I have nothing else left to sacrifice to appease you all.


The one you seek, is in Daura.


Maybe a tumble down the stairs will help shake him up from his reverie. He needs it more than me.


Dear Village People,


As I drag myself up from this floor, dust myself off and proceed to limp my way out in search of daily bread, please note that I have noted that you all are still active. Just leave me alone sha. I am not the one that you seek.


Thank you.

Lilian Osigwe

Osigweh Lilian Oluchi is a graduate of the University of Lagos where she obtained a B.A (Hons) in English, Masters in Public and International affairs (MPIA). Currently works with 1stnews as a Database Manager / Writer.
Lilian Osigwe

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