Death on a Lagos road by Lucia Edafioka

Death on a Lagos road by Lucia Edafioka

It is no coincidence that Lagos is home to Nigeria’s Nollywood.

Every day after work, I look out for drama, something to spice up my evening, keep me amused through traffic; and I always get one or two shows.

I was walking along Oshodi to my bus stop a few days ago, when I saw a small crowd gathered. Someone was on the ground and people were gathering, like ants drawn to sugar.

Crowded Lagos road
Crowded Lagos road

My mind went aha! My show came early this evening. I brought out my phone; I might make a video or take pictures; something to write about.

When I got there it was a man, well dressed, in an orange-yellowish Ankara up and down attire. He was carrying a bag – was because he was dead. A cold chill ran through me. I put my phone back in my pocket.

What happened? I asked the people who had gathered. Nobody knew. I went into the crowd; what happened? a woman in front shook her head, and said the man just fell down and died. I looked at the man, he had a moustache, eyes slightly open, hands hanging in an awkward angle. Get up I thought, people are gathering around you, get up and laugh, tell us this is a joke. Let us all laugh and go home. He stayed still.

I got out of the crowd, and a few feet away from death, i could here people screaming: “La casera”, “pure water”, “buy your apple”, S”ango Sango one to go.” 

Life was living itself.

I remembered the scene in Hercules, where the evil witch just takes a pair of scissors and cuts someone’s life thread. Did she cut his and he just dropped dead?

I turned back , people were leaving the scene, shaking their heads as they left, going home with their lives.

A police truck was parked not too far from the scene.  Eventually they’d take his body to the morgue, and then they’d call his family: your brother/son/father/uncle/husband is dead.

Shock escorted me home.


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