Debola Williams enlightens Nigerian leaders about COVID-19

Debola Williams enlightens Nigerian leaders about COVID-19

Nigerian socialite and serial entrepreneur, Debola Williams has instigated some methodologies the Nigerian leaders need to apply amidst the coronavirus pandemic.


According to Debola Williams, the Nigerian leaders need to develop the various sectors in the country and stand by its citizens.


In his statement, he revealed that the Nigerian system is not prepared for the prevalence of the virus. He admonished the leaders to acquire necessary facilities at various medical centres and also provide enough funds for its practitioners.


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Read the action points that he published.


COVID-19 Pandemic: What can top leaders, CEOs, and high net-worth Nigerians do at this time?



– Build emergency centres with at least 100 beds.

– Buy and donate 25 to 50 ventilators.

– Purchase testing kits and reagents.

– Provide financing for medical manufacturers at 0% or very low interest rates.

– Recruit and pay doctors.

– Sponsor PSAs on all media platforms.


– Support in scaling NCDC call centres.

– Sponsor local community PSAs.

– Sponsor soaps and sanitisers distribution.

– Create long term raw food and essential banks in preparation for scarcity.

– Provide food kits and essentials for the less privileged.”



He further addressed other noble personalities in society to contribute to the project. According to him, the fight against coronavirus should not be left only to the government, but it is global battle than can only be conquered through togetherness.


Debola continued,

A few captains of industry including two exemplary Nigerian bank CEOs and an industrialist have already established an initiative along these lines. It will, therefore, be a welcome idea to key into it.

Finally, please identify 5 other HNIs like yourself to join the cause. Speak to them, encourage them, and persuade them — all hands must be on deck.

My friends and I continue to galvanize at different levels and this humble message was first shared to my mentors and HNI network most of whom have responded positively.

Nigeria, Africa, and the world need us all to win this fight.


Adebola Williams.”

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