Democracy Day: It is time for Nollywood to break away from mediocrity

Democracy Day: It is time for Nollywood to break away from mediocrity

Comedy and romance movie is overstated in the Nigerian film industry  otherwise known as Nollywood. It is time for the movie industry to disassociate from myopic storylines and embrace the principle of reflection.


Nowadays, the viewers are becoming fed up with the release of mediocre fictional dramas on the screen.


Several movies lack the cutting edge credibility which is meant to educate and inform the audience.


There is no creativity and diversity in our movie genre, all we have is mantra themes on love, deception and wacky happy ending stories when truly there is no such thing as “happy ending” in this world.


No point comparing our movie industry to other mainstream industries but there is no harm if we fuse some cultural heritage and stylize intellectual lessons in our movies.


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We need more biopics that will explore our minds and connect us with historical events and the story of nationalists such as MKO Abiola, Wole Soyinka, Fela-Kuti, his mother Funmi-Kuti, Oliver de Coque,  and business mogul Aliko Dangote, among others.


Furthermore, a biopic is required for the 1963 civil war and other notable events that took place in the nation.


A short documentary film about these great minds can play a pivotal role in building a connection between the past, the present-day youth and the future generation.


It is a wonderful way to lecture the youths.

I wasn’t born when Mohammed Ali was the greatest boxer in the world but watching his biopic “Ali” played by Will Smith made it seem like I knew him already.


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Africans are able to connect with some pop culture icons such as Steve Jobs’Jobs” and Mark Zuckerberg’s “Social network” just to mention a few.


This is courtesy of their transparency and the structure of their movie industry.


I recommend our celebrities to start writing their life story especially Linda Ikeji. She is certainly one of the most influential women in this generation.


People want to know your story; same with Seun Osewa’s Nairaland, whose platform has been more than helpful to millions of Nigerians.


Movies create a form of connection between the viewers and the lead character. It is a continuous motion in the head even after you press the stop button.


People want to walk in the shoes of celebrities, moments and events. Nigerians want to have an emotional connection with history, the rise and fall of autonomy in our system.


Enough of the whole crack and smile.


The movie industry is mostly clogged with mediocre scripts and shabby acting. However, we must acknowledge the professionalism of some cinematographers.


Cinematographers such as Kunle Afolayan, Tunde Kilena and Jeta Amata have done exceptional work in the movie industry.


Kemi Adetiba, Tope Oshin-Oguns are also among the leading moviemakers in Nigeria at the moment.


In recent times, the filmmakers have been able to come up with fascinating movie productions.


They have touched on sensitive issues that affect the society we occupy.


Nollywood is getting better; you can go to the cinema and watch our home-made movies and support the industry.


You can check out topnotch movies such as Chief Daddy, King of Boys, Ehi’s Bitter, Tough Love, Up North and others.

However, there is clear room for improvement. This is even more critical as the nation marks 20 years of democracy. We need to democratise more quality in Nollywood.

We are Nigerians, we owe ourselves the primary responsibility of executing excellence in our work of art.

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