Denrele Edun opens up on being bisexual

Denrele Edun opens up on being bisexual

Denrele Edun has finally opened up about his sexuality.


According to the transvestite, he has enjoyed the best of both worlds, making reference to his sexual orientation.


The media personality said he has heard so many things regarding the topic so he has decided to address it. According to him, he has slept with women and he has also been with men.


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Watch the session below.



Here is what he had to say;


”my people in case you’re wondering, let me just drop this here. If una think say I no de knack women.. I dey knack woman pieces. I have had the best of both worlds”



Denrele reveals animosity he receives on a regular basis


Denrele Edun is a Nigerian media personality who came into limelight in the early 2000s.


He gained modest popularity due to the effeminate and outspoken personality.


He narrated the awkward experiences he had with the husband of a friend of his whom he met on two occasions.


On one of the occasions, Denrele Edun said he could hear the man express disgust for him and also called him a homosexual.


“There’s a close friend of mine (we go way back) whose Expatriate husband can’t STAND the very sight of me.

Considering the fact that we have mutual alliances, we run into each other occasionally. And she’s in the strategic Media industry so that’s even more than often.

The first time he sighted me at a dinner party for one of my close buddies (and just so you know, my sensory organs are exceedingly sharp), I heard him whisper to his wife (my friend), “I HATE THE VERY SIGHT OF THAT GUY.



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