Denrele Edun persistently visits Goldie’s grave

Denrele Edun persistently visits Goldie’s grave


Nigerian transvestite and media personality, Denrele Edun has revealed why he has continued to visit the grave of late singer, Goldie.


Goldie who gave up the ghost in 2013 was a close friend of Denrele Edun’s. In a recent post, Denrele stated that he has visited Goldie’s grave often times than he can count since she died.


He explained it’s a way of keeping her memories alive and protecting her legacy.


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Here is what he wrote on Instagram.


“I go there every year and I can authoritatively say that I have been the one going there for the past seven years. It is not about going there because I want to get attention or I want to be in the news. No, it is my own little way of protecting my friend’s legacy and making people remember her. I am not going to come up with a controversial agenda.

“It is my little way of letting people remember that there was once a Goldie, there still is a Goldie and there will forever be a Goldie. Anytime I do that, people remember her. Some stations play her music and it might just be for that day but somehow, she is remembered, appreciated and loved on Valentine’s Day.

“No matter my schedule, I make sure I visit her grave every Valentine’s Day. It is so weird because the guards at the grave usually expect me. That is the only way I can communicate with her.”

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